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Road To Columbus - James Potts

Welcome to:
Boynton Beach
Population - 68,217
Home Of
James Potts
Miles Traveled

3 3 5 0
2013 UB Football

7 2

UB Stadium


Ohio Stadium


Brought to you by Wiki - Boynton Beach was originally incorporated in 1920 as the Town of Boynton. The name "Boynton Beach" actually was first used by a community that broke off from Boynton in 1931. In 1939 that first Boynton Beach changed its name to Ocean Ridge. The Town of Boynton itself took the name "Boynton Beach" in 1941.

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2012 Highlights - After finally getting on the field Potts showed why he was one of Buffalo's most highly regarded recruits in 2010. Against Morgan State Potts exploded for a 49 yard touchdown scamper but suffered a freak injury right after the score.
The Sophomore was lost for the remainder of the season

2013 Outlook - Potts is still not fully recovered from his injury so its hard to know where he will stand on the depth chat when the season rolls around.

Nickname - Potts of Gold!

Record Watch - Potts is talented enough to set some records but anyone on the depth chart behind Oliver is not likely to get a lot of work this season.