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Making Game Day Better - The Food

Inspired by the good folks at UB Fan, the best fans around!

Ok So you're in the MAC and we all know that means some mid week football. The once derided week night games have become quite popular in the ESPN3 era. In the interest of fairness we all need to thank Toledo and NIU who helped put #MACTion on the map.

But there is a downside to playing Wednesday at 7:30 pm. The fact people are not getting out of work until five does tend to hurt attendance. Running out of work, battling traffic, picking up the kids, and then getting to the stadium can really make the idea of ESPN3 appealing. Through in hungry kids screaming and it can ruin the whole thing.

But there is a solution roaming around the streets of Amherst, and most cities. The solution is Food Trucks! That's right those rolling eye soars do more than slow down traffic they serve up pretty good food.

Buffalo N.Y. is known for some amazing food. Sadly none of the food at UB stadium qualifies as "Amazing". The food served in the stadium is pretty boring and not at all reflective of the Buffalo Area. The food trucks, on the other hand, make their living serving up good food and many are attached to local restaurants.

Amy's place, on Main Street, has been popular with UB students since 1981. They now also have one of the better known food trucks in the Area.

What could be better than getting out of work at five, swinging by the house to grab your kids, get to a tailgate and still have time to eat something from Lloyd Taco Trucks, The Roaming Buffalo, or R&R BBQ?

Amherst businesses are starting to encourage these trucks to park in around lunch time because they see the key to success is sticking to their core competencies. Food is not UB Athletics core competency, so charge a fair fee for permits and get someone to the lots who's life is food.