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UB's Summer Blockbusters

In February, we made movie posters for the UB versions of Oscar Nominated films.

This summer, we will display some UB versions of the Summer Blockbusters.

#9: This is the End;Starring Standout Seniors

Football camp begins, and the eligibility clock ticks down to midnight. Our football seniors are the most decorated in UB history but they have no winning seasons, and no bowl appearances. Anything less, would be a disappointment. On the hardcourt, one of UB's most prolific basketball players Javon McCrea prepares for his final year, will his legacy be the same as so many other Bulls, or will he be the first Bull to take UB to the NCAA Tournament?

Either way, tragic or glorious, this is the End of an era of UB athletics.

#8: World War Z: Starring Alex Zordich

On the losing side of many battles, (1-10 as a starter) Z now faces the War of his career, a War of Tebowian proportions: a War for playing time. I hope the big body with bigger heart does more than signal in plays in 2013.

#7: The Lone Ranger: Starring Alex Neutz

It seemed like Alex Neutz was the lone receiver of 2012. Actually, he ONLY had 33% of UB's receptions, 42% of UB's receiving yards and 65% of UB's receiving touchdowns. When UB threw to a receiver or tight end, Neutz caught 39%, gained 48% of the yardage, and scored 73% of the touchdowns. On the Biletnikoff award watch list for 2013, Neutz will be the focal point of every opposing secondary. Hopefully someone else can step up and ensure that Neutz will have the space to be dominant again.

#6: After Reggie: Starring Javon McCrea

Lost in the Bobby Hurley media blitz, Javon McCrea, and Auraum Nuiriankha must play their final year at UB in the post-Reggie era. Will they be able to meet the high expectations and finally win the MAC, or will the coaching change stunt their progress towards the ultimate goal?

#5: The Fast and the Furious 46: Featuring Khalil Mack

#4: Vusa Hove in: The Huvereen

Go ahead Bub, Find a UB record Category without this guys name in it. While he was setting UB Records the MAC player of the year was also Slashing through the conference.

#3: Mike Burke in: Mike Burke: Into Darkness

11 Starts, 6-2, 57 strikeouts, Burke has turned the lights out on the MAC and has UB in first place in the conference.

#2: Bobby Hurley is: The Great Hurley

Like the larger than life titular character, Bobby Hurley burst on the scene at UB with a party, a media party. The former Duke star seems to have done more national media in 2 months than his predecessor did in 10 years. Will he succeed in recreating Duke at Buffalo, or will the party end early?

#1: Branden Oliver is: Iron Man 32

First Today, we look at our version of Iron Man 3, a movie that made 175 million over the weekend.

UB's Iron Man is Branden Oliver in more ways than one.

First, like Iron Man, he was an unlikely hero, no one expected Oliver to break out as the star of a cluttered backfield, but he did in 2010. Secondly in 2011, he became an Iron Man by carrying the ball more in one season than any back in UB history. In 2012, BO alternated between amazing shows of running skill and injury. In his final season, BO, like Iron Man, will have to come back from debilitating injury to play better than ever.

The similarities continue. In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark teamed up with James Rhodes, who fought alongside Iron Man as War Machine. In 2012, BO teamed up with a deep supporting cast including James Potts, Brandon Murie and Devin Campbell, they will all return for 2013.