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UB Does The Oscars

The Oscars will air this Sunday, it is a culmination of award season and is sometimes dubbed the "Super Bowl for Women" although I prefer the gender neutral "Super Bowl for Entertainment" we can all agree it is a bowl, and that on Sunday after 3 months, Bowl Season will finally come to an end.

To celebrate the end of bowl season I bring you:

UB versions of Oscar nominated films.

Reggie Witherspoon in: "DReggie Unjacketed", inspired by "Django Unchained"
(Spoiler: Excessive use of the N-word...the N word being nooooo after each UB turnover)

Joe Licata in: "Licata", inspired by "Lincoln"
(4 scores and 3 wins ago)

UB Women's Rowing in: "Life of Pi", inspired by "Life of Pi"
(Warning: CGI Bull may cause seizures)

Margeaux Gupilan in: "Margeaux", inspired by "Argo"
(Pretty sure they would beat the Iranian National Team)

Javon McCrea in: "Flight", inspired by "Flight"
(So what If he's drinking before/during games, I am and the only double/double I'm geting is at In & Out, so who am I to judge?)


Jeff Quinn in: "Jeff Quinn's Playbook", inspired by "Silver Linings Playbook"
(I liked JLaw's determination in the Hunger Games, as head coach she would bring some much needed toughness)

All worthy nominees, but which will be the best picture?