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Buffalo Bills and Bulls Schedule - What Tailgates to hit!

There is a lot of football to be played this year!

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Both The Buffalo Bulls and the Buffalo Bills have published their schedules. When the two are stacked on top of each other there are 13 and half chances to tailgate. The half game is the Bills trip to Toronto which I consider at best to be a half home game for the purposes of tailgating.

Each tailgating experience has it's own advantages and disadvantages


Advantage Bulls -

Game tickets are more affordable. Season tickets start at 90 and can be upgraded to better seats for a donation of 90$ more (donation meaning that 90$ is tax deductible). In addition to more affordable tickets parking around the stadium is free.


Advantage Bills -

No doubt about it those Ralph Wilson Stadium lots are packed in as tightly as fire marshal Bill would allow. Stinks for getting into and out of the lots but if you're there for the tailgating why would you want go get out of the lot after the game?


Advantage Bulls -

Lets just say the Bills lot's tend to have a bit more in the way of creative use of the English language. No need to cover your kids ears at a Bulls game.


Advantage Bills -

Painted face, stadium horns, pick up football everywhere you look. There are packets of really good tailgating at UB but the administration has not made organizing the lots for pre game fun a top priority. If you're looking for the better tailgating at UB Stadium find the tailgate, tell them "Bull In Exile" sent you!



Over the past few years Buffalo football has been a race to the Bottom. UB has more recent success with their 2008 Conference Championship and Bowl Appearance

Here is the schedule and how I would rank the tailgates

Date Buffalo Opponent
Sat, Aug 31 UB Bulls at Ohio State
Sat, Sept 07 UB Bulls at Baylor
Sun, Sept 08 Bills NEW ENGLAND
Sat, Sept 14 UB Bulls Stony Brook
Sun, Sept 15 Bills CAROLINA
Sun, Sept 22 Bills at New York
Sat, Sept 28 UB Bulls Connecticut
Sun, Sept 29 Bills BALTIMORE
Thur, Oct 03 Bills at Cleveland
Sat, Oct 05 UB Bulls Eastern Michigan
Thur, Oct 10 Bills at Pittsburgh
Sat, Oct 12 UB Bulls at Western Michigan
Sun, Oct 13 Bills CINCINNATI
Tues, Oct 15 Bills at Jacksonville
Thur, Oct 17 Bills NEW YORK JETS
Sat, Oct 19 UB Bulls Massachusetts
Sun, Oct 20 Bills at Miami
Sat, Oct 26 UB Bulls at Kent State
Sun, Oct 27 Bills at New Orleans
Sun, Nov 03 Bills KANSAS CITY
Tues, Nov 05 UB Bulls Ohio
Tues, Nov 12 UB Bulls at Toledo
Tues, Nov 19 UB Bulls at Miami (OH)
Fri, Nov 29 UB Bulls Bowling Green @
Sun, Dec 01 Bills ATLANTA FALCONA #
Sun, Dec 08 Bills at Tampa Bay
Sun, Dec 22 Bills MIAMI DOLPHINS
Sun, Dec 29 Bills at New England

Tailgate Weekend #1 - December 22nd - Let it Snow!

I have to put away my rabid Bull fandom and give proper respect to the best tailgating weekend of the year. No football fan experience beats tailgating for a December Miami game. Usually our home game against those delicate southern flowers comes in September but every now and again the fish have to see real Christmas weather!

Tailgate Weekend #2 - September 8th - New England - Welcome to football!

By this point UB has just played their second tough road game while the Bills open with AFC East world beaters New England. If you're a Buffalo Bills fan who really hates New England keep this in mind. UB Get's to host UConn and UMass this year!

Tailgate Weekend #3 - November 29th and December 1st - Home away from home!

The Bills might abandon you for a "home game" in Toronto but that does not mean we can't rock the Ralph! UB will be playing their final gmae of the regular season at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Friday.

Tailgate Weekend #4 - September 14th and 15th - Stony Brook / Carolina - Double your pleasure

The Buffalo Bulls open up their home season by welcoming in another SUNY school and the Bills take on Carolina

Tailgate Weekend #5 - September 28th and 29th - UConn / Baltimore - They Might Be Giants Weekend

Both the Bills and the Bulls have their first real home test. Each is playing a game that, if won, would signal that this season might be something special

Tailgate Weekend #6 - November 3rd - Chief Concerns weekend?

No reason to be concerned. The Bills should be able to handle the Chiefs! And by this point in the year proper Western New York Tailgating Weather is finally sinking in!

Tailgate "Weekend" #7 - Oct 17th (Thur) and 19th (Sat) - They come from slightly out east and on the wrong day

The Jets come in to Buffalo on saturday which might interfere with a chance to tailgate ahead of UMass except that the Buffalo UMass game is full fledged #MACtion, weeknight and all! The UB game will be on TV and give you a chance to tailgate during the middle of the week!

Tailgate Weekend #8 - November 5th - All you get is MACtion!

You know that feeling you get on Tuesday and Wednesday when the buzz from Sunday football starts wearing off. There are still days until the next fix and the shakes set in. It's ok the Mid American Conference has you covered. Ohio University is coming to Buffalo on Tuesday and the games between Buffalo and Ohio are usually quite fun to watch.

Tailgate Weekend #9 - October 05 - EMU Eagles - Ontario Sandwich Trophy

The only team in the MAC that UB has never beaten? That would be Eastern Michigan. A lot of that was scheduling as EMU did not face UB during the Turner Gill years and then drew the Bulls during years 1 and 2 of Jeff Quinn's reign.

Tailgate Weekend #10 - October 13th - Shave the Cats #1

The Bills host the Bengals and ever since that 1988 AFC Championship game I have relished beating Cincinnati.