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Week 2 Scrimmage - What we learned

UB Finished up their second scrimmage today

Joe Licata is taking the bulk of the first team reps but Alex Zordich is still getting some time with the first team. Licata seems to be the most established starting spring quarterback during the Jeff Quinn Regime. "What were doing now is allowing Joe to take the first team reps," Said Quinn. "He's done a nice job and continues to understand the offense better"

On the field Marcus McGill is getting aquainted with Licata, he pulled in a 12 yard touchdown during the scrimmage.

Anthone Taylor looks 100% and right now is probably ahead of Branden Murie at #2 on the depth chart. If the line can come together and respond the the loss of Gokhan Ozkan and Graham Whinery then the team has a backfield that can set team records.

Alex Zordich did get some first team reps in using his legs to evade the rush a few times. Collin Micheal had a pretty good scrimmage starting the scoring off with a 12 yard touchdown pass to Cordero Dixon and later a long pass to Matt Weiser that set up Anthone Taylor for a three yard touchdown run.

Not a lot of notes from the defense and the scrimmage wsa not streamed online so I was unable to watch it in person.