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NCAA Expansion News - The Belt Get's it right

App State to the Belt? Better late than never!


Watching Conference USA and the Big East flop around like fish on the deck of the USS Realignment made me think the only mid major who could make prudent moves was the Mountain West Conference. Today the Sun Belt Proved me wrong.

The Belt made a move they should have made when this mess first started. They Added App State, along with three other schools

Sun Belt will grow by four in 2014 -
The addition of Georgia Southern and Appalachian State – already being reported by multiple outlets – will be announced Wednesday according to sources within the conference. Later in the week, perhaps as early Thursday, it is expected that New Mexico State and Idaho will also join the league beginning in 2014.

Idaho and New Mexico State football will be football-only members. Beginning in 2014, that will give the league 12 members, enough to stage a conference playoff that will be played on the campuses. Georgia Southern and Appalachian State have long been speculated to join the Sun Belt after the league felt the effects of conference realignment.

So as it stands in 2014 the Belt will have a dozen teams and a conference championship game. Their most recent additions were based on geography and on strength. Nowhere in the calculation did market size rear it's ugly head.

It was a bit oddish to add Idaho, but they are an established FBS program who playes well with the Aggies. The teams will enter the Belt in 2014 and be allowed to play in Bowls the season after.