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Is UB's next coach already true blue?

The seach for UB's basketball coach continues, or has the decision alredy been made?

Jamie Squire

On of the big differences between Basketball coaching searches and football coaching searches is the time of year. It might seem like a minor thing but looking for a coach in December versus looking in March are two totally different beasts.

The big result of the season is it's proximity to National Signing Day. When athletic directors are trying to land the next big football coach they are simultaneously trying to hold onto the recruits who are due to sign on in roughly 60 days, many of them are during a blackout period.

That's why you see football coaches ditch their teams during bowl season. It's not often that a team hires a coach and then lets him finish the season off with his current team. It does happen but more often than not there is a quick meeting with the kids and then coach gets on a plane so he can secure the recruits of his new team.

With hoops you're on the other side signing day. The class is already signed, and much smaller than a football class. So Basketball coaches usually finish up their post season before even being anounced as the new hire for some open position.

So looking at the teams still standing in the post season and looking at Danny White's connections there are two staffs from which UB Might try to lift an assistant Coach. The big name is Duke.

Jeff Capel

Capel is a former Duke player who has been on the staff since 2011. Before joining duke he was the head coach at Virginia Commonwealth where he was so successful he was hired away Oklahoma . Capel owns a 175-110 record as a head coach with three NCAA Tournament appearances, including a trip to the Elite Eight in 2008 with Oklahoma.

Chris Collins

Another former Blue Devil player who has been on staff at Duke for 13 years. More than a dozen years at a national powerhouse is a good resume but he does not bring any head coaching experience.

Steve Wojciechowski

Another very long term assistant coach who was a former player at Duke. "Wojo" has been coaching at Duke in one form or another since 1999. To put that in perspective he has been a Duke Assistant as long as Witherspoon was the head coach.

Off the three Capel seems like the safest bet. He is the only Duke assistant that brings experience as ahead coach, and trips past the first round of the dance to boot. I'm sure he may have a higher price tag than the others but if White is going to make things work at UB the school has to stop playing small ball.

Whatever the move it will hopefully be quick. Buffalo lost Shannon Evans, or at the very least he reopened his commitment. Perhaps a call from Buffalo head coach Jaff Capel could help convince him that UB will still be a great place to play college ball.