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99 for 99 - #9 & #8 - Undefeated Teams of the 19th Century

1897 Buffalo Football team goes 7-0

After three seasons and one win, UB Football broke out with an undefeated season in 1897. UB opened the season with an exhibition loss to the All-Buffalo football team, but that loss where UB was shut out, seemed to prepare UB's offense for the games that counted.UB outscored their opponents 170 to 10 in the final 8 games.

UB destroyed Niagara in the first meeting between the two teams, 32-0. UB then shutout Syracuse in a back-to-back home and home series, winning 16-0 in Buffalo and 10-0 in Syracuse. Buffalo at this point was 2-0-1 all time against Syracuse. UB then returned home for their second exhibition game with the Buffalo All Stars, where they avenged their earlier loss with a 36-0 victory. UB finished their season 7-0 after avenging the 1894 loss to Hobart in the first UB football game, winning 28-0.

In 1898, Buffalo went 9-2, 4-1 in official college games.

1899 Buffalo Football team goes 6-0

In 1899, UB played six university games, and one game against a professional team from Duquesne. They went 6-0 in the college games, defeating Rochester, Syracuse, Hobart and Bucknell and led by star fullback Turk Gordon, UB outscored their college opponents 126-0.

In a three-year span, UB won twenty-three games and lost only four. In official contests, UB was 17-1, with two undefeated seasons in three years. As UB and College Football increased their commitment to amateurism, UB would begin to struggle in football and it would take almost sixty years for the Bulls to put together an amazing string of successful seasons again.