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Talking Bull - Lies, Crimes, and Lack of Institutional control

Yes it's that kind of Wednesday!

Santa Clause is not real, neither are Toledo's Claims of MAC dominance!
Santa Clause is not real, neither are Toledo's Claims of MAC dominance!
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Toledo lies, in a very presentable way!

Video: The Rocket experience
In Matt Campbell's first year at the helm, the youngest coach in the FBS last season led the Rockets to a 9-4 mark. Of those 13 games, nine of them were nationally televised. That's pretty impressive. Toledo is a program in the spotlight, with a lot to sell. Take a look at some of the selling points that the Rockets feature in this video. You can bet recruits have seen this one.

Couple of problems with the video. It erroneously claims that Toledo is being the MAC's most winning program all-time. It also claims that the Rockets have 16 MAC Titles and Most in the MAC.

In the past decade Toledo has exactly as many MAC championships as Buffalo and Akron, all time they are well behind Miami (15) and they are, in fact tied with Bowling Green at 10. The Rockets are also 5th overall in terms of winning among MAC schools. For those of you keeping score 5th is not first.

How about Miami!

NCAA accuses Miami of 'lack of institutional control' in notice of allegations - ESPN
Next up: The sanctions phase, in which Miami's penalties will be decided. The Hurricanes have already self-imposed several sanctions, including sitting out two bowl games and a conference football championship game. Shalala said on Monday that she believes those punishments should be enough.

The NCAA's case was made a little weaker by some very underhanded investigating but nobody here is arguing the facts surrounding the violations, just the procedure for investigation.

NCAA acknowledges 'missteps' in Miami Hurricanes investigation - ESPN
Firing back for the first time at the long investigation, Miami president Donna Shalala released a statement Monday night saying the Hurricanes "have been wronged" by what she called a flawed probe.

Police Blotter!

First a powerhouse of a program. Beat and robbed a kid and then used his credit card to hit up a vending machine.

Alabama's Eddie Williams, Brent Calloway, D.J. Pettway request youthful offender status (updated) |
The attorneys for Eddie Williams, Brent Calloway and D.J. Pettway applied for youthful offender status in Tuscaloosa County District Court Friday. Under state law, defendants under the age of 21 can apply for youthful offender status, capping the maximum sentence and shielding records from public view.

Then a Mid Major. Not the big names but still a matter of kids throwing away the chance to have a free education for no good reason

Jared Singletary, Marcus Henry, Adam Stickel of Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders arrested after nightclub fight
Middle Tennessee football players Jared Singletary, Marcus Henry and Adam Stickel are facing charges after being arrested following a nightclub fight.

FAU has the right idea! With all these issues let's bring the prision to the program!

A Company That Runs Prisons Will Have Its Name on a Stadium -
On Tuesday, that trend took another strange turn when Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, firmed a deal to rename its football building GEO Group Stadium. Perhaps that pushed stadium naming to its zenith, if only because the GEO Group is a private prison corporation.

The Athletic Director hot seat?

How many are teams with recent scandals?

The rare athletic director hot seat watch: 6 college ADs at risk -
While coaches are usually the ones we think of as occupying hot seats, athletic directors can find their seats pretty warm when things go south. It's a much more complicated process to fire an athletic director than to replace a head coach, as it affects every level of the university's program.

MAC Hoops hot seats?

Hustle Belt list Witherspoon as being on their hot seat.

Which MAC basketball coaches will likely be fired? - Hustle Belt
Reggie Witherspoon, Buffalo — It's hard to believe, but he's now in the 90th percentile of Division I coaches who have been at their school the longest. And throughout the highs and lows, Buffalo has just been there. They haven't been a punching bag for a while, but in 14 years they've accumulated four postseason tournaments and one MAC championship game

Links Around Buffalo...

Sabres Second Period Struggles!

The Sabres Are The Worst Team In The NHL In The Second Period - Die By The Blade
Hockey coaches and players often talk about putting together a "complete game" or "a full 60 minutes". The Buffalo Sabres aren't too bad for 40 minutes most nights, but right now those middle 20 are absolutely killing them.

Bills looking for wideouts!

NFL Free Agents 2013: Dwayne Bowe Stock Falling? - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills are in desperate need for help at wide receiver. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is considered by many to be the best available free agent receiver this off-season, and he's exactly the type of big (6'2", 221 pounds) and productive receiver that GM Buddy Nix has said he's wanted.