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Last Bull In - Potato Bowl

Watch the live Last Bull In Podcast starting at 11:30(ish) PM on Tuesday 12/17. The taped show will be linked to this article the following day.

The Last Bull In is heading to uncharted territory, a Bowl Game. In this weeks LBI, Tim, Matt, and Conrad will be joined by Chris Condros from Mountain West Connection. MWC Link for Bowl Game. As always we look to you for questions that you would like for Chris to answer.

Leave your questions in the comment section and I will ask Chris! You can also leave questions for the LBI team or any subjects you would like to have addresses. See we are here for the people!

Also scheduled will be a recap of the Bulls season on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. The LBI team will break down the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl game and how UB is going to win their first ever Bowl!

You will see the 'experts' Bruwpeg picks. Get your picks in here - Bruwpeg Baby!

We will incorporate any items you would like to discuss and wrap up with our very famous Shout Outs!

Have a great Bowl Week and enjoy the show.

You can watch Last Bull In right here. Click on this article Tuesday night at 11:30 est and the video will appear.