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Bruwpeg - Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Bruwpeg - Bowl Time. This is a first for Bruwpeg. A Post Season!

So what the hell is Bruwpeg?  Bull Run Weekly Pick 'Em Game. For the past four years, fans of Buffalo Bulls have gathered and entered their predictions for UB's upcoming football game.  This is the first Bruwpeg Bowl Edition and the game is open to everyone.  The best part is the cost for all this fun: free.  It is easy to add your picks.  You just provide the Bulls and Aztecs score.

Example if you really need one:

Buffalo 34 - SDSU 22 (My pick!)

But wait, there's more.  For the bowl Game, Mitchell's Tavern in Tonawanda, NY has put up a $25 gift card to the winner. (Sorry to anyone who is outside of Buffalo but this gives you a reason to come back to WNY for a Bulls Home game!)  So, many times this season multiple picks tied for high points.  The winner was decided by choosing the best write up while submitting picks. If you really want to see the rules and how the game is scored click here: Good Luck Figuring out Scoring. Here is an example of a picker who brought it every week:


The Vegas spread was released Buffalo as a 3.5 bowl favorite.  As of Monday morning, the line is 1 for Buffalo and one site has the game a {Pick 'EM.

Another shout out to the 2014 Bruwpeg Champion and newly married dbburns.  One of the greatest season in Bruwpeg history.  Can you win the Bruwpeg Bowl Challenge?

Mitchell's Tavern Video.  Meet the sponsor.

Participant Bulls Azteks
Albany Bull
BC Bull 27 20
Bflo Super Fan 28 21
Bleeding Blue 34 24
BrandedBull 34 22
Bull In Exile 24 21
Bull Trojan 30 19
ChubbyHubby 37 25
DCA 38 35
Island Bull 30 27
Jeff Lebowski 34 28
Jeff Screen
MarkChicago 34 21
meigs1414 27 21
Nick Mitchells' 24 17
PittBull1 27 20
Ralph Cox
Roch Bull 31 27
UB D/O 24 37
UB92 26 23
UBBull98 34 24
UBBulls08 24 21
UBFan99 27 21
Vman 28 7
Zigo230 37 27
Avg. Pred. 30 23
Picks for. 21 1