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Buffalo versus Delaware State 2013:

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo bulls finally found their groove in the second half against Robert Morris and UB now sits at 2-2 under first year coach Bobby Hurley. They will be welcoming in the Delaware State Hornets who have had their own rough go of it this year.

Delaware's last for foes have been Georgia Tech, Clemson, George Washington, and Delaware.  Those teams are a combined 19-7 so far this season so both teams cna use this game as a barometer on their season. Is Buffalo getting better or is Delaware going to take off now that they have played some of the best teams on their schedule.

Javon McCrea is averaging more than 20 points and eleven rebounds per contest but Buffalo has had inconsistent defense and shooting. That combination shut the bolls offense down for ten minutes against Texas Tech in their second game the lack of defense allowed Niagara

Delaware State is led by Kendall Gray who shooting has been over .650 through the last two games. Against Delaware Delaware State out shot the Hens from the field (48 to 45 percent) but only had nine attempts from the free throw line.

A win for Buffalo would move the Bulls to 3-2 and really put the first two game squarely behind Hurley and the Bulls.