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Last Bull In - Ohio Bobcats

Last Bull In Recorded Live before a very small audience. Halloween edition - This episode is scary. Seriously it is scary to watch.

Last Bull In - Scary Ohio Episode.

This is going to be a long week with the game not until Tuesday night. Â So how do you get your Bulls Buzz. Â Watch Last Bull In!

In this week Last Bull In, you will be thrilled and chilled by:

* Land of Never-ending Numbers - Inside look at Kent

* The Kent Kraziness - The lumberjack and Jester break down the Kent Kollpase.

* Quasi Moto Hmmm Guest Q & A with Mike and his birthday sister.

* Â Skeleton Keys to Bulls victory over Ohio.

* Â Bloody Butchered Bruwpeg - See the "experts" look into future to provide the score.

* Â Scary Shout Outs and included a Ohio fan.

Any extra candy can be sent to the Last Bull In Wrecking Crew.

Have a great Halloween and winterize your house this week with no Bulls game. Â I look forward to being in the stands this Tuesday.

Bull Out!