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Talking Bull - Senior Bowl and what it means for the Bills

Only several times throughout the year do the Buffalo Bills and College football intersect. If the Bills have a Buffalo Bull on their roster, when the Bills play someone with a Bull on their roster (that's right I now root for the Pats and their 2 UB Bulls when they and the Bills square up), the NFL draft, and the events leading up to the draft like the combine and Senior Bowl.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills, I still maintain, will never be a winning team without a franchise Quarterback. They have been without once since the mid 90's and as a result have become at best a vanilla team and at worst a hapless team.

So what happened at the Senior Bowl? The Mothership sums it up.

Senior Bowl 2013: Quarterbacks struggle while defenders thrive -
ow that the dust is settling on the Senior Bowl, it's time to look back and see who helped themselves the most over the past week, as well as who has hurt their draft stock the most. It's important not to overreact to information from a small sample size like this, but every piece of information counts in NFL Draft evaluation. Here's a look at who helped themselves this week, as well as those that failed to give a good account for themselves.

And what did that mean to the Bills? Well Buffalo Rumblings weighs in.

Senior Bowl 2013 Recap: Quarterback Prospects Unimpressive - Buffalo Rumblings
If you're a Buffalo Bills fan and were watching the 2013 Senior Bowl on Saturday in the hopes of being inspired by the play of a well-known quarterback prospect, you likely wake up this morning sorely disappointed.

Oh well, there is always next-next year right?

And if you thought UB Basketball had a rough weekend!

Northern Illinois scored 25 points in a basketball game - Hustle Belt
They went 24 minutes and 32 seconds between baskets. They held a 2-0 lead when Abdel Nader hit a jumper with 19:00 left in the first half, peppered in some free throws, and then Keith Gray connected on a layup with 14:27 left in the game. And they were only down 16 points at that junction, so they had a modest shot at coming back and winning.

I missed the best part of this game but I managed to catch missed 3 point shots 20-30. I also just missed the one they made so I'm still not convinced.

Everything NIU brings to the conference in Football is more than nullified by their basketball team.

So... Its not a man, baby?

I nearly died laughing when it came out T'eo was talking to a man, but it seems he was not.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's cousin was voice talking to Manti Te'o -- report - ESPN
Relatives of Tino Tuiasosopo, a woman in her mid-20s who lives in Pago Pago, American Samoa, told the New York Post that Te'o has been speaking to her. "Tino is the girl that Manti has been talking to all these months," said a Tuiasosopo cousin, according to the Post.

There is still a ton of tun to be had here and things are just getting started.

Sabres are on a slide..

Start hot and then cool off for long losing streaks? Yea it sounds vaguely familiar.

Sabres at Captials Recap: Sabres Lose Third Straight, Fall to Caps 3-2 - Die By The Blade
Cody Hodgson - Hodgson's offensive creativity has been fun to watch along with Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek. His defensive play has been atrocious to watch, and tonight was no exception. Hodgson finished -2 with just one shot, and had a goal against deflect in off the shaft of his stick in the second period. If he's going to be an eventual #1 center, he's got to learn how to be more responsible in his own zone.