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Talking Bull: Urban Meyer - The Twitter Crusher

That camera better not be web enabled
That camera better not be web enabled

Urban Jumps the Twitter Shark

Ok I get why coaches are locking down players use of social media. I don't like it and I think it's a fools errand to even try but I get it. You want to limit the chance for an embarrassing tweet finding its way out onto the web. Lane Kiffin's practice of telling UCS players that they can't tweet while on the two deep is becoming sort of a standard thing.

Urban Meyer, on the other hand, thinks he owns the media.

OSU spokesman Jerry Emig announced a silly new rule banning reporters from using Twitter during Meyer's news conferences.

Urban, get over yourself you are a football coach, not the president.

Urban Meyer Bans Reporters From Tweeting News At News Conference? - From Our Editors -
USC is putting its players Twitter handles on its official depth chart, while Ohio State is doing this sort of thing:

I've heard that OSU is going to accommodate reporters by installing an old wooden phone booth with a twitter screen for reporters to rush into once the conference is over.

Don't Call me FCS!

FCS, Formerly Division I-AA Football, To Be Formerly FCS? - From Our Editors -
"To be honest, Football Championship Subdivision is a mouthful, and it doesn't make the case for our Division I stature really much better than the I-AA moniker did,'' [Missouri Valley Football Conference commissioner Patty] Viverito said. "We've tried to fix this for years. It's a dilemma.'

Don't worry, you'll always be IAA to me!

Blog Pollin

2012 BlogPoll, Week 1: USC, Alabama Rise As Honey Badger-Less LSU Falls -
The first weekly BlogPoll of the 2012 season is also the first to deal with LSU dismissing Tyrann Mathieu. The Tigers fall out of the top spot as a result, and USC and Alabama jump them.

Matt From Hustle Belt looks at the MAC teams

So, About The BlogPoll Results - Hustle Belt
In terms of "voting by strength of football team," OHIO saw its way on four ballots: 21st, 22nd and two 25ths. Both No. 25 votes were MAC voters, actually. Northern Illinois got a single No. 25 vote from The Only Colors. And Over The Pylon voted Ball State 25th because of course they did.

FWIW I voted for Ohio at 25.

General UB stuff

Second Half Spurt Fuels Home Opener Win - Buffalo Athletics
After a first half marred by fouls and inconsistency from both sides, the Buffalo men's soccer team opened up its 2012 home schedule with a 2-1 win over Big Four rival St. Bonaventure (0-2) Tuesday evening thanks to a pair of second-half goals. Richard Craven scored his second goal in as many games, and Maksym Kowal converted on his first score of the season.

Beating the bonnies is always nice. I think the women played them to a draw but I could be wrong.

Who to hate - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Their fans felt cheated, that they still should have beaten the Bulls, that we were lucky. The game last season was a hotly contested one, and the Cardinals were the ones victorious at home, as a touchdown with 29 seconds left gave them the 28-25 win. This one is sure to heat up in the next couple of years.

Note to the spectrum staff: We just finished playing BSU for two seasons, it may be a couple years before we even see them again (divisions work like that)

But they are not wrong. I despise BSU more than any of the teams in the east, now that Temple is gone...

White on time - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
"I want to very aggressively get our brand out into the community," White said. "I think that’s a major opportunity for us. I’ve seen it done at a Fresno State, with a similar-sized market of about a million people. College football is a big deal there; they take ownership of that athletic department and they pack that stadium, and we want to get the same thing going here. Because of the strength of this institution, when we get there I think this place will explode."

Really good profile write up by the spectrum on Danny White.

Georgia Game Stuff

2012 NCAA: Matt Barkley Among 10 Players Who Make The Difference
4. QB Aaron Murray, Georgia - Here we go again! Pumped up by the media, "Murray the Man" at UGA. He'll be very important both offense and defense. He needs to keep his offense on the field, stay consistent and not go three and out when playing ranked opponents - I don't see this happening in 2012.

Yea QB vs QB not looking so good for us. What does look good is Queen City Sports who seems to take covering UB seriously!

Queen City SportsBulls Football Report: Scouting the Georgia Bulldogs - Queen City Sports
It’s finally here everybody! UB Football is only a few days from getting underway as the Bulls are doing their final preparations before heading down to Athens to take on the 6th ranked Georgia Bulldogs.