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Talking Bull: Preseason Talk

Apparently the site "NCAA Football" decided not to actually do any reading on Buffalo before doing their op

NCAA Football Preview - Buffalo Bulls > NCAA Football > News
The Bulls will need Zordich or Davis to be productive enough to prevent opposing defenses from focusing primarily on Oliver. The defense allowed too many big plays last season. Oliver and Mack are both the best at their positions in the conference. That strong leadership will push UB to improve, but not to the point where it will be contending for the MAC Championship.

Not that it matters because the MAC gave UB the hardest schedule in the East Division

Schedule tips balance away from the improved Bulls - UB Football - The Buffalo News
This is the fourth time in five seasons UB's crossover schedule pits it against teams with combined records over .500. And this is the third straight season Ohio's crossover pits it against teams a combined .500 or worse. The aggregate previous-season MAC record of Bobcat crossover opponents the last three seasons: 16-32.

The end result is a lot of people predicting trouble

MAC Football Collective Predictions From Our Readers - Hustle Belt
Yes, NIU's only straight-up loss was to Toledo. Akron and Buffalo's lone wins were against UMass. Good guesses!

But there is hope:

When UB's Oliver runs, he carries his dreams - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Now he was carrying more than pure ambition. Now he was carrying a grudge against all those schools that passed him by. He sat out as a true freshman and won over new head coach Jeff Quinn with his work ethic as a redshirt freshman. How could the coach, a former wrestler and offensive lineman, not love a player who of his own volition strapped on a 20-pound weight vest and tackled the hill on the west side of the old UB Stadium? And teammates joined in as they saw the on-field successes that came from Bo's hill jaunts.

In case you were felling bad about that one loss up north:

Ravens take flight against Huskies
Following two close games last week, including a victory against the University of Buffalo Bulls and a loss to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Rebels, the Ravens closed out their home exhibition series against NCAA Division 1 schools Wednesday with an impressive 75-62 win over the Northeastern University Huskies.

It can not be stressed enough that the ravens are a very, very good program. They beat Buffalo by 2, lost to UNLV by 4, and then crushed North Eastern by 13.

Finally a note for fans:

Creepy Georgia Fan Calls Recruit, Twitter Sprains Itself In Rush To Soapbox - From Our Editors -
Your love for your school won't make the recruit choose it. In fact, it might creep the kid out so much that he doesn't choose your school. Remember, the coaches are already selling everything possible about the school to the kid. They're doing it in a polished, professional way. Your help is not needed. It can also cause quite the headache for a school's compliance staff.

Let's put it this way... I had to jump through a mess of hoops with the compliance department folks at UB to establish that I am a site manager for a media company and not just some fan with a blog. (I also had to demonstrate that I don't qualify as a booster even though the fact I work for a media company).

Don't make the lives of a schools compliance officer any harder than it already it.