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Talking Bull: Way to go UB Rowing

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The Best WNY College Sports team you've never heard of...

UB's rowing team lives in the shadow of a pretty successful basketball program and an under performing football program. It's a bit unfair for any of Buffalo's athletes to play second fiddle, especially when they are the #3 ranked squad in the nation!

Lightweight Four Wins Bronze at IRAs - Buffalo Athletics
The University at Buffalo lightweight four boat won the bronze medal at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championships in Camden, NJ on Saturday morning. It was a great result for a UB team making its first ever appearance at the IRAs.

What a way for Coach Rudy Wieler to end his career. He built an amazing program, one that has accomplished more than any other at UB.

Maybe there is hope!

If one or two of the "power conference" (that is the AQ confs minus the Big East) come out against pay for play there is a chance to stop it..

New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby against pay for play - ESPN
We should never do anything to establish an employee-employer relationship. There are places you can go and play for money, but colleges and universities are not among them. This is an educational undertaking.

Maybe there is Dope!

I am about as surprised by this as the fact the sun rose today..

SEC lenient on discipline for marijuana, investigation says - ESPN
In the most successful league of the BCS-era, players routinely get third, fourth and even fifth chances before they're booted from the team; failed drug tests administered by the NCAA result in the automatic suspension.

More attention for sWatt!

Know the Prospect: Mitchell Watt - Posting and Toasting
Watt looks like a decent prospect with a great story. At, they compare him to James Augustine, which isn't great. But a commenter on UB's SB Nation blog UB Bull Run had a more interesting comparison: Taj Gibson. Gibson is definitely a little stronger, but Watt seems better offensively than him at this stage. He looks like a smaller, more athletic, lefty version of Josh Harrellson, and if Jorts could give us quality minutes, so could this kid. I would have to see who else is on the board before I took this kid, but he's definitely someone to keep an eye on. You can never have enough guys that give you intangibles like Watt: defense, hustle, and a willingness to do the little things. He's a bit of a project, but as far as projects go, one that is further along than most.

I'll have to have a talk with Posting and Toasting for not even asking us....