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2011 Video Review Buffalo @ Tennessee 1st Quarter

KNOXVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 15:  A general view of the LSU Tigers offense against the Tennessee Volunteers defense at Neyland Stadium on October 15, 2011 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
KNOXVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 15: A general view of the LSU Tigers offense against the Tennessee Volunteers defense at Neyland Stadium on October 15, 2011 in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After the dreadful UConn game, Buffalo traveled to SEC country to take on the Tennessee Volunteers. We usually get pummeled in these games, so the crowd fluctuates between: We'll lose by 50, hopefully we're competitive and...

I really believe that this could be a winnable game. Call me crazy!

by 2010bulls

The week leading up to the game was a love-athon for Khalil Mack, and it continued in the pre game.

But they don't know UB so what are the expert's keys to the game

Its possible,

but UB has to play an ABSOLUTE perfect game and get some breaks

by BRJ75

First play Chazz Anderson roll left for about 6 yards.

14:48: Branden Oliver runs for no gain.

14:00 3rd and 5, read option, gain of 2. UB 3 and out and will punt.

13:12 Devrin Young's first Tennessee touch is a 40 yard punt return, the punter is the last man back and trips up the returner.

13:05 We give the Tennessee Receivers a huge cushion, they take it, gain 15 yards on 1st down.

12:27 WR screen to Rajon Neal, another 15 yards...this is gonna be painful.

11:58 End around by Neal, he could have crawled into the endzone, he showed mercy and just jogged in about half speed...apparently we aren't reading our keys. UB 0 - Good ol' Rocky Top Wooooo, Rocky Top Tennessee 7.

My replay is not HD so the screen caps look awful, but basically Tennessee lined up overloaded on the right side. The fake to the back sent Mack the contain LB on the weak side crashing down hard on the play...with Mack trapped inside there was no one to contain the reverse. Give Dooley 7 points for out coaching the Bulls on that score.

Coach BRJ with the 10 second recap:

Draw play called on thrid down, and then bad punt coverage, then three play UT drive

by BRJ75

Our leader counters with the 5 second recap of the game and our season as a whole:

Bad offense bad punt coverage bad defense

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

11:46 Chazz Roll Right 11 yard strike to Neutz.

11:29 Chazz Roll Right thrown behind the receiver almost intercepted. 3 throws 3 rolled pockets so far.

11:23 Chazz play action, nothing open (cause we've run for nothing why would they bite on play action?) Chazz runs for 21 yards and a first down.

11:00 Zone run to Oliver for nothing he got tagged. Draw to BO still nothing.

9:50 Chazz roll left great throw dropped by Terrell Jackson.

that catch has to be made IMO

by Scott Peddie

There no opinion about it, he has to catch that

by BRJ75

IMO, every pass play on throd down should be to Neutz

Nobody else

by BRJ75

This time the punt gets no return thank goodness. Tenn starts at the 16.

They fake the end around, to Torran Poole UB expects him to jump into the pile, instead he bounces it out and uses the WR as a lead blocker... 25 yard gain.

8:30 Khalil Mack misses another sack...but forces bray to throw it away. 3rd and 6.

missed sack

by Scott Peddie

Pessimist ! :)

by CTBullsfan

8:18 we give a 10 yard cushion on 3rd and 6. Slant for 7 yards 1st down, very easy looking.

7:30 1st and 10 Tenn going no huddle. Hand off to Marlin Lane, the only Tenn RB we can hold under 20 yards a carry.

6:30 Draw to Toran Poole for 10 yards and a first down.

5:55 Colby Way trips up Tyler Bray who chucks it out of bounds in a legal yet blatant abuse of the intentional grounding rules, he was out of the pocket, and the incompletion brings up 2nd and 10.

5:49 Run to Poole, every hand off we just look lost. Poole would have had 10 if he had just ran and not waited for his blocks to develop. He gets 6 anyway.

Tenn is 57.1% on 3rd down this season. We give the old 10 yard cushion again 7 yard slant to Da'Rick Rodgers.

Everyone can see it but Quinn?

Yes, lets play six yards off on a 3rd and 4

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Going way to deep on the drops

by BRJ75

I guess pick your poison, I'd rather a team beat me deep than continually beat me easy. But to each their own...College Gameday doesn't show 7 yard slants on highlight packages.

3:53 PA pass for a TD to Da'rick Rodgers, no pressure on Bray, but can I say an awful decision by him, this pass should have been intercepted and returned 99 yards for a UB TD. But the UB secondary is buffalo 0, good ol' rocky top wooo rocky top Tennessee 14.

We see some never give up syndrome:

this may be ugly but its still the 1st qtr. need some major adjustments but I still have hope.

by Weareub46

some blame 'em all syndrome:

New coach... New Quarterback.. what else can we adjust??? :)

by CTBullsfan

some Stockholm syndrome:

I am changing my name to Da'Rick!

by 2010bulls

3:27 Read Option Chazz keeps it and runs for a touchdown good guys. Buffalo 7 - Tenneesee 14.

fake run, chazz ran it all the way

by Weareub46

Run Chazz Run!


Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Muffed fumble recovered by the Bulls at the 22. Brandon Murie dives on it, instead of scooping it up for a score...altho you can't advance a muff, not sure if it was considered a muff or fumble...but could have been an easy td.


by Scott Peddie

3:14 the Tenn crowd comes alive as the mistake prone team they knew gave the mistake prone team we know a chance to tie the game....Anderson is sacked on 1st and 10.

2:40 2nd and 16, pass to the FB in the flat is one hopped, waste of a down.

2:34 throw to Ed Young is too far to the sideline...

2:34 Fardon kicking 5 yards beyond his career long...and this one was partially blocked no good.

That was an embarrassing drive and kick

by 2010bulls

2:18, play action pass deep throw to Da'Rick Rodgers for about 50 yards down to the 17. Momentum restored.

What a tease that was. Then to give up a bomb!

by 2010bulls

biggest mood swings ever biggest mood swings ever

by Weareub46

Chazz's good will has lasted about 10 minutes:

Being who Chazz is when he came in

That spot right there is where I expected him to make a difference

by BRJ75


by D. Sanchirico

Great, he faked everybody out on his TD run

But I still need him to be a Quarterback

by BRJ75

No one's arguing for Chazz to be taken out

but we need him to connect on those passes

by D. Sanchirico

In other wods, start playing Quarterback

by BRJ75

:50 3rd and 3 from the 10. Tennessee lines up in the shotgun, we actually don't give a cushion, and the tight end drops the ball in the end zone.

:31 Tennesee kicks a field goal and goes up 17-7.

:18 Play action naked bootleg, again really? play-action before establishing the run. Anderson takes a big hit, throws it away and it's almost intercepted...Anderson seeking treatment from the training staff.

As the quarter winds down some fans are worried about the Chazz injury:

uh oh... zordich time?

by Scott Peddie

:08 Branden Oliver runs for 3, brings up 3rd and 7, but it's the end of the quarter.

Some excited to see actual football after the Rugby match last week:

WOW what a crazy quarter!

by 2010bulls

Some fans are contemplating on what could have been:

Oh man it could be 14-14 now... or at least 14-10

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

and some are looking forward to seeing Zordich in action again:

Zordich time

by D. Sanchirico

Tennessee flexed their talent, but also showed their youth, allowing UB the opportunity to quickly tie the game. UB shows its talent dearth failing in special teams, looking lost on defense and lethargic on offense. Our QB was the star of the show with a long TD, but we're not Kent State, so that's not necessarily a good thing. It also may or may not be Zordich time.

Check back for the conclusion of the first half.