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Choose My UB Hashtag.

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As an avid sports Twitterer I learned that Kent State's slogan is apparently "Bite Down." Slogans are always important, but in the twitter age when you only have 140 characters to make your mark, they are even more important.

Through Twitter I have also learned that Chippewas of Central Michigan say "Fire Up", or "Fire Up Chips" (mmm fire baked chips)

I think we just go with "Go UB" or "Go Bulls" which is not unique enough. There are a lot of UBs and I don't think we can claim we are THE UB. Go Bulls, could mean the Chicago Bulls, the South Florida Bulls, or that you root for the Bulls over the Cowboys at Rodeos. (I also don't like our hand signal, Texas owns it, I prefer to bump my fists together and point my pinkies out to form the bull horns)

So I decided I am going to use my own UB hashtag and see if it gains traction. I think the best hashtag slogans come from the ol' fight song. So I read the lyrics and found 7 candidates, and I'm going to let the readers decide which one I should use:

The contenders:

1) #FightforBuffalo - (Fight, fight for Buffalo)

Pros: 90% of students know this part of the fight song. Gets the full Buffalo name in.

Cons: Seems like a hashtag for a community service org. or a war of 1812 reenactment group.

2) #Proudtofight - (be proud to fight for your dear blue and white)

Pros: Kinda noble, and bold, shows our schools warrior spirit. Great for T-shirts

Cons: That inevitable time when an athlete assaults someone takes the twitpic of the victim and adds #proudtofight

3) #Thunderthrough - (so thunder through, go blue)

Pros: Alliteration, simple,sets up a nice back and forth...(i.e. see a UB alum you say "Thunder Through", he replies "Go Blue")

Cons: People will assume you are talking about the Oklahoma Thunder, and/or the Michigan Wolverines (go Blue)

4) #gobullsgo - (go, bulls, go)

Pros: keeps the classic "go bulls" but adds the second "go" for differentiation. Sets up a nice back and forth...(i.e. see a UB alum you say "Go Bulls Go" he replies "Buff-A-Lo")

Cons: people may resist the extra go, and revert to just "go bulls"

5) #TilTheEnd - (our spirit will be with you to the end)

Pros: Speaks to our never say die spirit.

Cons: Kinda emo.

6) #asbestyoucan - (so play the game as best you can) (old lyrics)

Pros: Speaks to us always giving our best, and a shot out to the lyrics of yore.

Cons: The most defeatist lyric in the history of fight songs ("I'm not gonna say we'll win, but we'll do our best")

7) #proudandtrue - (so show your colors proud and true)

Pros: While it doesnt specifically speak to Buffalo, we are proud and true. Can also be #proudandtrueblue

Cons: sounds like a bad pop song title.