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Talking Bull: Updyke Jurors Needed, Trees need not apply!

Will the foreman please give the verdict...
Will the foreman please give the verdict...

So will being an botanist disqualify you?

If you ever need to see just how slow the wheels of justice can turn look no further than Harvey Updyke. They arejust now pickout out a jury for his trial..

Jury selection for Auburn Tigers tree poisoner to start Tuesday - ESPN
Attorneys will begin selecting a jury Tuesday to hear the case against Harvey Updyke Jr., in a courtroom less than 10 miles from Toomer's Corner and the Auburn campus. Updyke allegedly poisoned the trees after Auburn beat Alabama during the Tigers' 2010 national title season. The defendant, a 63-year-old fan of Alabama's Crimson Tide, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal mischief and two counts of desecrating a venerable object, among other charges.

This is a guy already banned from Alabama's campus (and I assume Auburn's campus). This is a guy already kicked out of, and I kid you not, the SEC softball tournament. But we still have not even sent him to trial for something he admitted to on the air?

Congratulations Kent!

Things were looking grim for the flashes after the lost their opening college world series game to Arkansas. They had to face number one Florida. Kent, who has certainly earned a solid post seaosn ranking, sent the Gators packing!

Hustlebelt has a great rundown

College World Series: Flashes Of Luck, Skill Keep Kent State Alive - Hustle Belt
I am very impressed with watching Jimmy Rider, I must say. He scored Kent's fifth run by smacking a double (on a near-miss diving catch by Justin Schafer in the outfield), then due to some very heads-up baserunning, came around to score despite the next two hitters striking out. His all-around game has me kind of excited that my own Pittsburgh Pirates drafted him, and I do hope that he signs, whenever it is that he finishes up his run here in Omaha.

Next up for Kent? Number eight South Carolina. The Gamecocks are riding a NCAA record-setting postseason win streak of 22 games.

Is this something an 'Interim' coach does?

Men's Soccer Adds New Assistant to the Staff - Buffalo Athletics
Interim head coach David Hesch announced Tuesday morning that former Clarkson University assistant Ian Fairlie will be joining the Buffalo men's soccer coaching staff for the 2012 season.

I think the interim may be dropped pretty soon if he is hiring assistants.

Wrestling announces their home schedule

Iowa Dual Highlights Exciting 2012-13 Wrestling Schedule - Buffalo Athletics
The Buffalo Bulls wrestling team announced its 2012-13 schedule Monday afternoon, with another season highlighted by aggressive scheduling against some of the top talent in the nation. This season, the Bulls will bring perennial powerhouse Iowa to Alumni Arena for its fourth annual Takedown Cancer event on Dec. 17. Additionally, the Bulls will be hosting the 2013 Mid-American Conference championships on March 10.

Last years team was felled by off the mat issues. They lost Desi Green who could be UB's best ever wrestler when he could not kick the Marijuana habit...