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Welcome Danny White! An open letter from Bull Run

Lets see the Buffalo News show this kind of devotion!
Lets see the Buffalo News show this kind of devotion!

Welcome to Buffalo athletics Danny. Can I call you Danny?

We here at Bull Run have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Warde Manuals' successor since news of his new gig hit the wire back in February.

By now I'm sure you've met the entire staff at Buffalo, you've likely met the coaches, and perhaps talked to some of the players. While our place in Buffalo athletics is far less pivotal than any of those people I'd like to think, at the very lest, were a good diversion from time to time.

I'm sure you're hand is still a bit raw from pressing the flesh after today's press conference but I hope you're OK with shaking just one more set of hands.

We have several regular contributors and several fans who post occasionally. Besides myself the other regular contributors are..

Conrad is a recent graduate of the University who also worked in the Athletics department. He is spending the summer going through the top 99 moments in UB football history and going through each quarter of last season. He brought not only "inside knowledge" but also spelling and grammar, I'm looking into those concepts.

Brandon is taking a well deserved break after helping me get through the basketball season. He is our "Hoops Czar". While Conrad or myself might talk about it from time to time Brandon is the guy that gets the bulk of our hoops coverage, especially while football is still being played.

Scott gives us his thoughts after every football game. Last season that was like taking a bullet for the rest of us every sunday (or Thursday, Friday, Saturday this is after all the MAC). Scott we salute you!

2010 is your new target demographic! Highly successful guy who is not attached to the department in any way but still has taken up UB's flag. He is our one and only *local* contributor, the rest of us are all Buffalo expats.

Basically were a strange brew of UB Fans. No current students and only a faint local presence. But hey your specialty at Mississippi was dealing with Alumni though I doubt I have the kind of cash which would have hit the radar in your fund raising efforts, but I promise to link them here!

So Danny, why should you give a fat rat's behind about Bull Run?

10) You would be supporting the Alumni - Like I said we have several alumni who contribute here. I also think many of the Athletic Departments more supportive alumni are regulars on Bull Run.

9) It's not longer a one man show - For years several of us tried to get a Buffalo site going. Conrad had "Eight Wins Is Enough" and UBFan (which is a great fan forum) tried their hand at blogging. But one person can't do it alone. My tank was nearly empty when Conrad showed up to inject new life, and basically save, this site.

8) New Media is the way to go - We are, as far as I am aware, the only "new media" outlet which is completely focused on UB. Don't get me wrong Tsuj over at Buffalo.Com does a spectacular job with UB News, hes better than any of the other general new outlets but he is also new media.

I'm sure your familiar with "Red Cup Rebellion", we're kind of like them but without the awesome podcast.

7) When News Breaks - Some people are ashamed of bad spelling and grammar, I know my mother is ashamed of mine! But we here at Bull Run hot link and discuss the news worth talking about moments ofter it happens. That might mean the occasional typo but heck, it's better than waiting another hour to read it right?

6) A friend tells you the truth - Outlets like "The Buffalo News" or "Buffalo Sports Daily" are never going to outright tell you about the awful mistakes you make. We're your friend, when you screw up (and we all do from time to time) we will let you know in a pointed, yet appropriate, fashion. If needed we can even host the occasional intervention.

5) Loyalty - Lets face it the last two years of UB Football have been painful. Despite the pain here we are still standing, and were not going anywhere! You can either take advantage of that or continue to count on tepid mentions in the local media.

4) Volume - In under three years we have published more than 1,600 articles about Buffalo Athletics. Do the math, that's way more than one article a day about your athletic department. Some of them are even good reads!

3) Our Photoshops might be more mediocre but they are better than the news: "Hail White" come on! You'll never get that kind of stuff from the Buffalo News.

2) Were desperate - There is no other way to put it, we need you in a bad way! I've been trying to get Quinn or Witherspoon to interview for well over a year to no avail. Back before I joined the SBNation network UBAthletics appreciated the "underground" nature of Bull Run. Now, nothing.

Just yesterday I fired off a few emails asking people at UB who the new director was... do you know what I got in return? NOTHING... I have to wait for one of the local TV sports reporters to tweet what "Multiple Sources" are telling him.

I can be underground again. I mean I have to leave the site here but I can literally start blogging from the laundry room in my basement, underground. Just tell me what you need me to be Danny!

1) Pay for Play - I'm willing to pay you, personally, in the only currency I have to offer.... I will stop hating Duke for your fathers sake! Believe me you have no clue how much my wife will make me suffer each and every moment of next years NCAA tournament. But for you, and for UB I will endure.

So what do you say Danny? are you on board with us?