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Talking Bull: So what do you think we are worth

But... we are a Star! <a href=""></a>
But... we are a Star!

Survey Says... X

So the guys at the mothership have decided to "Rank" every team in division one, and teams moving up according to how attractive of an expansion candidate they might be.

What's Your College Football Program Worth? Introducing Realignment Value Rankings -
Here's an attempt at assigning a Realignment Value to every school in or close to joining FBS, so we can figure out exactly which conferences are winning (and by how much) and how big the remaining moves are.

Buffalo sits at #97, pulled down mainly by the attendance. On the plus side there are only two MAC schools ahead of us. Miami, who's academics pull them up, and OU who is an all around strong team pulled down only by their market.

Who might be looking that deep for candidates?

The Big East, if they survive.

The conference's downfall was sealed more than 20 years ago as it rejected Penn State when the NIttany Lions asked to join the conference. Even post-Sandusky it's hard to imagine any conference turning down Penn State today. But the Big East figured that its basketball operations were going so smoothly that there was no reason to add football. Basketball is the Big East's Maginot Line; it was so busy fighting the old war they had no idea what the new one would be.

EDBS had the best one liner to sum up the mess that is the Big East that has ever been written (bold above).

ESPN coverage may have just improved a bit

Breaking: Pam Ward out of ESPN's college football coverage | May
Losing Craig James AND Pam Ward in one offseason is a victory for people that happen to enjoy college football while not having to mute the television or ram your head into the nearest wall ala Gus Frerotte. Maybe we'll all look back at this day as a win for the internet and tell ourselves somebody that makes these decisions is actually listening to college football fans. But, it is a bittersweet day for us as well. Have no fear, the Pammies will always be a part of AA, but they will certainly never be the same again.

And the there were two (jobs to be filled)

John Astudillo Retires as UB’s Men’s Soccer Coach - Buffalo Athletics
One of the most distinguished coaches in Western New York history, John Astudillo has announced he will retire after 22 years as head coach of the University at Buffalo men's soccer team. Astudillo, Buffalo's all-time wins leader, will be retiring as the architect of one of UB's most consistent and successful teams.

Now Director white, who starts in June, will have to hire coaches for Rowing and Men's Soccer. He may also have to find a new Woman's basketball coach if he decides that the recent history does not warrant a contract renewal.

Batter up!

Bulls Hope to Make a Splash in MAC Tournament Debut - Buffalo Athletics
Getting the start for UB will be senior Cameron Copping, who has thrived under pressure thus far and has given up just six earned runs over his last 31.1 innings. In his start against Kent State on April 6, he was on point, allowing just two runs over his seven innings while striking out five batters. The Golden Flashes came back to win the game in the ninth inning of that game and also scored six unanswered runs in the seventh and eighth inning to win 6-3 the next day.

I might break my own unwritten rule and watch or listen to this one...