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CIT Round 3: At least we lost to the best...

#17 Oakland used home court to dispatch #24 Rice.
#12 Mercer got the surprising upset of #4 ODU on hte road
#8 Fairfield defeated #3 Robert Morris at home and
#9 LMU fell to a lower ranked home team at #19 Utah State

Home Teams: 22-6
Higher Ranked Teams: 16-12 (1-3 in this round...shouldn't better teams be getting better?)
Higher Ranked Teams Playing at Home: 11-1
Lower Ranked Teams Playing at Home: 11-5


#12 Mercer (the road warriors) @ #8 Fairfield (Team home cookin')
#17 Oakland @ #19 Utah State in the reduced travel costs game of the week

Look for Oakland to crash and burn away from the friendly confines. Expect Mercer to continue their hot streak of road play.

With Home teams so dominant, and the top 7 teams out of the tournament, it's obvious the CIT experience caters to those who pay for home games over teams who played well during the season. They should do something about that...