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Stop me if you heard this one before....

So UB walks into Cleveland and Plays Ohio... Wait you've heard that one before?

Its a shame because Mitchell Watt was heroic tonight, were talking legendary.

But no matter how much of himself Watt poured into the game Ohio's shooting was unbelievable in the first half. I don't know how you beat a team making those shots.No matter how contested a shot, no matter how far out it was OU managed to drain it.

In the second half the Bulls always got just close enough to make us thing this was the year but it was not. We are officially cursed!

Mitchell Watt did everything humanly possible, save that last second shot, but it was not enough. Coach called an ok game but it was Ohio's night. Had UB won the lowest they would have landed was likely the NIT, right now were looking at the CBI or CIT.... AGAIN!

Personally I'd rather just have a pint or two and forget that this went down. I'd rather the season is over but with four seniors who have poured their heart into this team I suspect the Bulls will take the opportunity to play some more, perhaps even buying a home game.

Aside from an asinine flagrent foul call on Filzen the refs called a good game. I know many folks disagree but OU was in fould trouble the whole game and the Bulls kept out of trouble. The difference was OU couldn't miss from three and for 90% of the game the Bull's could not hit anything beyond about ten feet.

So where do we go from here? Coach Witherspoon has put together another good, but not great, season. He has solid players coming in but losing Watt is going to set us back a bit. Other teams in the MAC are far better positioned for 2013 than Buffalo so it may be awhile before we once again have a real chance at dancing.