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99 for 99 Instant Classic: The Quinning Streak

In the past 20 years, UB has won 3 or more games 9 times.


The 99 for 99 Instant Classic immortalizes the best moments of the season and lets you, the reader, decide the best moment of the season.

November 17, 2012 - Buffalo 29, Massachusetts 19 - Buffalo wins third straight game.

During that time, UB has had only three winning streaks of 3 or more games. After the UMass game, Quinn and the 2012 Bulls captured their 10th season in the last 20 years with 3 or more wins, and won 3 straight for only the 4th time in two decades.

After two home wins against Miami and Western Michigan, Buffalo traveled to Gillette Stadium to face the woeful UMass Minutemen. Buffalo could not afford to be overconfident, 1) Buffalo had no wins on the road since October 2010 at Bowling Green. 2) The Bulls would go on to lose a late season road game to woeful Akron that year. 3) No team from Buffalo had ever won at Gillette Stadium.

The cautious fears of Bulls fans were realized as Buffalo stumbled out of the gate and found themselves down 13-0 at the half. Buffalo continued to struggle in the 2nd half until Adam Redden blocked a UMass punt and Kylie Minnifield returned the kick for a touchdown.

The block was the first in almost exactly a year, after Khalil Mack blocked a Akron punt on November 19, 2011. Minnifield's return was the first punt return for a touchdown since Andre Forde's 83-yard return against Lehigh in 2002.

Propelled by the block, UB unveiled a running attack led by Brandon Murie and Rashad Jean and slowly overpowered UMass.

The win gave UB their fourth 3+ game winning streak in 20 years:

In 1996 Buffalo under Craig Cirbus finished the season with wins over Hofstra, New Haven and Maine.

Earlier that year, Buffalo won four in a row over Colgate, Lehigh, Edinboro and Cornell.

The longest FBS streak and the longest streak since 1986 is five straight wins in 2008.

UB under Turner Gill defeated: Army, Ohio, Miami, Akron and Bowling Green to run to the MAC East title.

The last six game winning streak occurred in 1959 under Dick Offenhamer who defeated: Baldwin-Wallace, Western Reserve, Youngstown State, Rhode Island, Gettysburg and Marshall.