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An Open Letter to Russ Brandon of the Buffalo Bills

What can the Bills do to help the UB brand?

Brad White

Editorial Note: I moved away from Buffalo a decade ago, so I had thought the Bills still used Fredonia when in fact the use St. John Fisher College in Rochester... Still they should use UB but I have changed the text of this letter to reflect the proper place the Bills should move from.

Dear Mr Brandon,

Recently you took time to talk about UB football during an interview on WGR. During the course of that interview you indicated that you have had numerous conversations with UB Athletic Director Danny White which centered around Buffalo football, both the Bills and the Bulls.

This fits in nicely with Director White's vision of the Bulls and Bills being complimentary parts of a balanced Buffalo fan's diet.

You stated, plainly, that you were interested in helping the UB brand get more notice. Among the ideas you had was a "Meaningful" UB game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

While a game against Syracuse or some other regional power at the Ralph would be interesting that is a long term goal. There are two much more meaningful short term options which would help the Bills.

The first is to use UB's North Campus, and not St. John Fisher's, for your summer camp.

95% of football fans in the Buffalo area are Bills fans. They might also like an NFC team, or they may be interested in College ball but first and foremost they are Bills fans.

How many of these Bills fans know where UB's North Campus is? how do you get there? where is the parking? Do they know parking is free and tailgating is encouraged?

By camping at UB's Amherst Campus you would be far closer to your teams center of operations in Orchard Park. You would also be located closer to the city itself while still being in a suburban setting. This might bring more Bills fans out. In all may years as a rabid Bills fan I went to Fredonia exactly once, I doubt I'd be more likely to drive to Rochester. If you had been in Amherst it would have been a yearly family event.

Many Bills fans would then go into the fall knowing the UB's layout and might feel familiar enough to spend a warm September Saturday, tailgating in Amherst.

UB also has better facilities than St. John Fisher. Division one stadium, better field lights (High Def TV quality), a better press box, and better equipped meeting rooms.

Everybody wins!

The second option is a bulk purchase of seasons tickets.

Last season UB's seasons tickets could be had for 42$, that price is for all six UB home games. I'm sure if you sat down with Director White and asked for a bulk rate on say, five to ten thousand tickets, an accommodation would happily be extended.

Take those tickets and bundle them in with the first ten thousand Bills season tickets sold.

Being from the area I know a number of those tickets may go unused, but if even a fraction of Bills fans decided to take in some games they could really enhance the game day experience for all fans, and for potential recruits.

It will also help Buffalo fans keep their tailgating skills sharp on weeks when the Bills are away and UB is home. This typically happens three or four times a year.

I hope you will give serious consideration to these proposals. I believe each proposal will benefit both organizations, but together they can make a huge difference to Buffalo Sports fans!

Thank you for your time