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It is hard to be a UB Football Fan Part II

Today I was shocked to hear that UB extended the contract of Jeff Quinn though 2017.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Reported earlier today, Jeff Quinn who had two years left on his original contract, has been given a three year extension through the 2017 season. To be blunt, I cannot fathom why the extension was granted. I understand an extension at the end of next season if the team hits 7 wins plus. To give an extension after a 9 - 26 record is unfathomable.

The more the news of the extension sinks in, what I keep asking myself is why did new Athletic Director Danny White make this move. Why now? Just plain why? Before I hear about how close UB is winning more games this year against strong MAC teams, you can not dispute that this team will end the season with a losing record and after seven weeks was bowl ineligible Let's look at the winning streak the past three weeks. UB beat teams with a combined record of 6 - 16. Those were games that UB should have won.

So what is the upside of the extension? Let me dispute the only two reasons

We will lose Quinn if UB has two great seasons in 13 and 14. Short answer, I hope that would happen. That means that UB had two great seasons. I am not going to hide the fact that I have always believed that Quinn is not the right coach for UB. I understand the hire, the fire and brimstone that I was caught up in. Then I watched the play calling, the inability to know down and distance, the complete inability to put the right player on the field. It was Fardon over Clarke and not having Licata be the starting QB in 2012 did not make football sense. If Quinn has two good seasons, will Quinn really be a top candidate. I am not buying it.

A lame duck will have a hard time recruiting. Either you can recruit or you can't. I am not looking for excuses, I am looking for results. I do not mean to be so short on this subject, but with only two years left on his contract should motivate Quinn and his staff that much more to bring top talent to Amherst.

I have to say that this move could kill UB football. Am I overreacting? Look at the stadium the past two years. Look at the traffic on Bull Run and UBFan. On life support.. Let me start this like I have started every major conversation that past three years, I hope that I am wrong, but if Quinn and his staff does not take this team to the next level, what happens. Strong concerns this year if UB could buy out Quinn. If next year is a disaster, what do you do? If you can't win on the field, how are you going to build buzz other than firing the coach? Unfortunately ever time I say I hope that I am wrong, I never have been wrong. It has been one bad decision after another.

I was excited for next season for stars to shine. Neutz, Licata, Mack, and Bo! I was excited for the players. I believed that this talent and the resiliency of the players would take this team to a new level despite the coaching staff.

Today I question the AD. This is a bad move. Not one reason for an extension. This could have and should have been addressed this time next year. This was a rookie move by the AD. I am sad today for the future of UB football. All the momentum this team had the last 6 or 7 years is all but gone.