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Bull Run Grades: Toledo

Bull Run Grades: Toledo

Throwing 33% Were used to, trowing a touchdown and no picks seems novel..
Throwing 33% Were used to, trowing a touchdown and no picks seems novel..
Scott Cunningham

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

It was a hellish day to throw the ball, as evidenced by Terrance Owens. Despite being one of the most accurate Quarterbacks in MAC history he threw under 50% during the game. So I take Zordich's 5/16 with a massive grain of salt. Though those quick outs that were behind the receivers have been seen throughout the season.

More importantly than the throwing percentages is the fact Z did nothing to really hurt the team. One touchdown against zero picks is better than I expected coming into this game.

He also was once again pretty effective running the ball and it seems that's why he's in there.

Joe Licata: B- Not a bad showing for a freshman who can't run when hes stuck in a game situation in which Toledo did not have to worry about Oliver. Basically the Rockets could just key on Licata, pin their ears back, and go at him. That, and a freshman's inability to feel out the pocket hurt Licata immensely.

Running Backs:

Branden Oliver: B First game back and BO put up 100 yards but his per carry was unimpressive and he was unable to really dominate any one series.

Devin Campbell: D In his limited action Campbell was stuffed and he cost UB seven points when he coughed up the ball on a failed jet sweep.


Alex Neutz: B- Caught just about everything thrown at him and manged to find space despite the fact Toledo was all but ignoring the other receivers. That slightly long pass at the end of the first, if caught, makes that a different game.

Everyone Else: C- It's not like anyone get a lot of looks but there were more than enough drops on passes which were far from perfect but still catchable.

Offensive Line: C+ There was not a lot of running room but they did create enough in the way of a hole to let Oliver get tackled going forward. Their pass protection was also decent enough.

Defensive Line: C- They "earned" that grade mainly in the third Quarter where they seemed to decide stopping David Fluellen at the line was wholly unimportant. They played fine in the first half and down the stretch but letting Toledo literally march down the field three times in a quarter disqualifies them from anything higher.

Linebackers: C- They share in the Line's "Fluellen" penalty. Lee Skinner and Willey Moseley were absent in the third Quarter.

Defensive Backs: B+ (with a weather assist): The defensive backs were effective in coverage for the first time this season, and as a result had two picks.

Special Teams: A- (Curved for Ref incompetence): First of All, Clarke hit that field goal. That, and the blocked extra points, good punting, and good kick coverage more than make up for the fumbled kickoff return. It was easily the best special teams of the Jeff Quinn era.