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Talking Bull: McCrea is the big man of the "Big Four"

Talking Bull: McCrea is the big man of the "Big Four"

UB Athletics

Anything to get your mind off of football:

Javon McCrea Named Preseason Big Four Player of the Year - Buffalo Athletics
Javon McCrea was named the Preseason Big Four Player of the Year on Thursday at the Big Four Basketball Media Day, held at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in downtown Buffalo. The junior forward also headlined the Preseason All-Big Four First Team, as voted on by media and athletic communications staffs that cover Buffalo, Canisius, Niagara and St. Bonaventure.

With Saint Bonaventure on the rise this is no small vote of confidence in McCrea. What needs to be seen is can had lead the Bulls to a successful year without Mitchell Watt. Buffalo has a very difficult schedule this year and 20 wins would be an amazing accomplishment.

Now we know where the Buck Stops

NCAA to adopt stricter rules for coaches, report says - ESPN
"A head coach is presumed responsible for major/Level I and Level II violations (e.g. academic fraud, recruiting inducements) occurring within his or her program unless the coach can show that he or she promoted an atmosphere of compliance and monitored his or her staff," the document stated.

Having your head coach be responsible for all of the assistants is just one more stressful thing in a head coaches life.. As Bomani & Jones point out, you can use stresses to avoid a big buyout!

Bomani & Jones: How to get out of a buyout -
They're not tenured per se, but how does someone fire Kirk Ferentz when he's got a buyout like this? Gene Chizik isn't owed as much, but it won't be easy to make him go Beyonce and take his championship ring to the left.

Just food for thought...

When you break rules break them in a big way

Tyrann Mathieu among former LSU players arrested on drug charges -
Four former LSU football players were arrested on drug charges Thursday, according to a report by Channel 9 WAFB in Louisiana. Former SEC defender of the year Tyrann Mathieu and quarterback Jordan Jefferson were charged with simple possession, Karnell Hatcher was charged with his second offense of simple possession, and Derrick Bryant was charged with possession with intent to distribute, according to WFAB's Steve Caparotta.

I'm starting to think Honey is slang for some drug...

Branden Oliver update

Coach Bo: Oliver takes setback in stride, mentors young Campbell - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The star back – who was named to three national award watch-lists before the season and made first-team all-MAC last year – counters adversity with positivity. He says he relies on his Christian faith to get him through arduous times. He has taken the misfortune as a chance to guide explosive-but-inexperienced freshman Devin Campbell – the current starter who was fourth on UB’s depth chart at the beginning of the season.