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Three Goats - The UConn Game

We lost to UConn again, so sadly it's time for Three Goats.

Photo credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The premise is simple: when we win, I praise our heroes, when we lose I criticize our goats. Take any praise in stride, lest we get a big head. Take any criticism with a grain of salt, this is how we learn.

3) Khalil Mack: Is 4 tackles really worthy of MAC East POTW honors? I guess no one in the East plays defense. Mack had 1 play, he got around the edge and strip sacked UConn. I'd expect him to have one of those plays a quarter. UConn is 96th in the nation in sacks allowed, so I'm not too impressed by 1 sack. Alot of it was system, we'll get to it. But I made you a youtube video, but I've yet to see any "bad things man".

2) Alex Zordich - Deja Vu? I'll just leave this here until we can get our completion rate over 45%.



That is except for that one throw away, which wasn't too damn high, it was intercepted, and cost UB at least 3 points.

1) Lou Tepper: I must be on team fire coaches, as last week it was the HC and today it's the DC. If Mr. Tepper had the Kraken, he would not release him. If Mr. Tepper had the Avengers, he'd drop Iron man and the hulk into pass coverage. One more? Umm, if Tepper was Batman, he'd leave the Bat wing and the Batmobile in the Cave and take a cab. Lou Tepper is undefeated in Russian Roulette; he always leaves his bullets in the chamber.

UConn allows 2.6 sacks a game, we sacked UConn 3 times, so average. 7 MAC schools, including Buffalo are in the top 40 nationwide in least sacks allowed. Ohio has only allowed 3 sacks in their first 5 games. If we struggled to put pressure on UConn and we think we are going to have any chance at Ohio with the same gameplan, we might as well just not make the trip.

We expected to see Tepper send as many Bulls as he could to batter and bruise UConn's mistake prone QB. Instead, we gave him time to get comfortable and pick us apart. If that wasn't enough, we played the softest zones and when we played man, we made sure to play far off the receivers. I think Whitmer is sending Tepper a thank you gift basket this week, we really helped him find his way.

Honorable mention:

We COULD be Heroes, but we weren't (brought to you by David Bowie):

Brandon Murie: Could we have a Den vs Don controversy? Which Bran do you prefer? Well not yet, but Murie is showing lightning speed that could fill the Potts Role of X-factor, for trick plays and returns. When BO comes back, we should still get Murie the Ball 5-10 times a game.
Steven Means: How many times did he out run our safeties to make a touchdown saving tackle? I'm a sucker for pursuit and guys who try to strip the ball.
Patrick Clarke: We have a good kicker for the love of god get into field goal range.