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3 Point Shot: UB dominates the Huskies!

Point One: Nothing Earth shattering happened today in Dekalb.

Except the level of competition, and UB's slow start against them, there is not a to much that is noteworthy what happened today in Dekalb. The Huskies are easily one of the worst team in Division one basketball and they just lost Tim Toler, their best player who was dropped from the team for 'unspecified reasons'. So UB beating them by 15 would be something to worry about if the Bulls had not taken their foot of the gas with about ten minutes left in the game.

McCrea had a double double, which is about what you expect and Mitchall Watt was solid.

Point Two: The more people talk about McCrea the more damage Watt get's to do!

When talking about UB hoops the first words out of most people's mouth are 'Javon McCrea'. People who really follow the conference however might start with Mitchell Watt.

When the Bulls struggled out of the gate it was Watt who kept them going. Several times this season that has been the case. Maybe it's the senior in him, or the focus on McCrea but Watt is often the most dangerous Bull on the floor.

His 4-5 from the line tonight extends his 750+ free throw streak all the way back to the Kent Game which opened up conference play. The last time he had two back to back games where he was below 70% at the line? Niagara and Youngstown State.

Point Three: Against almost anyone else in the conference this game could have been ugly.

UB Basically slept through the first five and the last 8 minutes of the game. I can sort of understand the lack of intensity down the stretch but what was the deal early on?

Good free throw shooting and a hapless NIU team will let you do nothing for the first four or five minutes of a contest but try that against anyone else in the conference, even Toledo, and you can find yourself in a pretty decent sized hole.