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What to expect this Saturday on offense - Vols/UB

Looking at the numbers what immediately jumps off the page is the Tennessee Volunteer's throwing the ball all over the place.  The Volunteers are averaging 350 pass yards per game as to only 81.7 rushing yards per game.  This is a pass first, run late offense.  The Vols have only played three games this year (2-1) although QB Tyler Bray has virtually the same number of passing attempts, 77, as University of Buffalo Bulls' Chazz Anderson does at 78.  The big difference is the Completion Percentage, Yards, and TD's.  Bray has a completion percentage of 68.1 (77/113) vs. Chazz of 58.6 (78/133).  Bray is averageing 8.9 yards per catch vs 5.9 for Buffalo.    Where it get's scary after the jump..

Passing Rushing Sacks
G Rating Comp Att Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD INT Rush Yds Y/G Avg TD Sack YdsL
2011 - Tyler Bray 3 103.0 77 113 68.1 986 328.7 8.7 10 2 14 -37 -12.3 -2.6 1 - -

Here is where it gets scary. Bray has 10 TD's in three games with only 2 interceptions.  His only down side is getting sacked 6 times.  Bray is the definition of the pocket passer.  Chazz has 3 TD's to 3 INT's (UB is very happy they are not all pick 6's!)  Chazz is ranked as the 206 rusher in the FBS and I do wish that UB would use that as a set play. Spread the defense and have Chazz exploit a weak underbelly.

If Buffalo has any chance in this game it will rest on the shoulders of Bo Oliver.  I hope that UB Fans can finally jump on Bo's train.  Bo is the #12 ranked RB in the nation.  Bo has 100 attempts with 442 yards (Avg. 4.4) with a long of 49 with 5 TD's.   UB needs to keep Bray off the field.  I really look forward to seeing the match up in the secondary for UB.  After UB losing so much talent last year, I thought that teams would sling the rock all over UB.  So far that has not happened like I expected.  This week is a test all right!   

Tennessee's leading rusher is Tauren Poole with 54 attempts and 217 yards (4.0 Avg.) with a long of 28 with one TD on the season.  Not having seen any of the Vols games, I am not sure of the offense off balance is based on lack of depth at RB or that Bray is that solid.  I would lean towards a hot QB but will not downplay the RB results of not really having a star RB.  

Buffalo is the 71 ranked offense.  The numbers are not comparable because Vols have one less game and the numbers are based on season totals.  Right now Tennessee is ranked 91.  If you take their average of 416 yards per game, (and UB really hopes they are way under that average this Saturday) that would place Tennessee in at 37 just ahead of Duke but just behind teams like Notre Dame (1694) USC (1690) Iowa (1687) UCF (1681) and Mich State (1669).  I could not resist throwing a USC referrence in this article especially since Lane had no idea about more charges that were brought to light yesterday about paying a top RB recruit and his Mom to visit the school.  That hire was a hot mess from the start.

My prediction is that Chazz will not be able to match Vol's offense this Saturday.  UB's offense is just not that dynamic to go into Tennessee and match the Vols stride for stride.  I plan on watching this game like a small kid watches his first horror movie.  I hate to watch because I know I will have nightmares but I just can't pull myself away from the TV.  What do I really hope happens this Saturday?  First of all, the check not to bounce from the Vols after the lawyer's they are paying with the Kiffen scenario!  Some publicity for Mack if he can make a difference and show that he can not only compete but make plays.   The O line getting better and making room for Oliver.