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Talking Bull: Terrell the Teflon Quarterback!

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Is there nothing Terrell Pryor can't get away with?

He swaps stuff for tat's at a place under federal investigation and get to play in a Bowl Game. His punishment is so slight he decided to stick it out an miss his teams four out of conference games. Then, when it really hits the fan, he bolts for the NFL Supplemental draft.

Finally it seemed there would be some reasonable Karma when it was announced he might not be eligible. OSU Athletics to the rescue!

Terrelle Pryor Banned From Ohio State Program For Five Years, Could Clear Road To Supplemental Draft -
Pryor’s lawyer, Drew Rosenhaus, "sought and received a letter from Ohio State stating that he would not have been eligible even after his five-game suspension to start the season".

Basically this is the last hurdle and should be the end of Tatoo-gate. I can understand OSU doing a solid for Pryor here. They want this story gone, yesterday.

Speaking of gone, yesterday!

If you think Pryor got away with  a lot how about Butch Davis! It seems to have caught up with him, finally!

Butch Davis 'Shocked' At Firing, And We Can Hardly Blame Him - From Our Editors -
"I was honestly shocked to receive word that I will no longer be the head football coach at the University of North Carolina," Davis said. "I can honestly say that I leave with full confidence that I have done nothing wrong. I was the head coach and I realize the responsibility that comes with that role."

If you want to follow the whole fiasco here is SBNation's year long coverage of the situation.

UNC Coach Butch Davis Fired Over Program's Academic Misconduct
NFL agent Gary Wichard was being investigated by the North Carolina Secretary of State's office for improper financial ties to former UNC assistant football coach John Blake.

This is why Fan driven content is needed!

I have been known to screw up the occasional post. Usually its only a typo but sometimes its really bad (I once listed Ostrowski at the wrong position). Still when it comes to previews you can bet that Mid-Major fan driven sites (Like: Bull Run, Red and Black Attack, Hustle Belt) Will at least get the QB situation right.

Jeff Quinn must be a little bit red-faced after chasing QB Zac Maynard out of town only to see him named as the starter at Cal for the 2011 season! The good news (?) is that QB Jerry Davis will return, the bad news is that with no running game in site, his 16 interceptions will probably not go down too much. With the exception of talented LB Khalil Mack, and DE Steven Means, the defense will be one big learning experience with eight new starters in the fold. With Stony Brook on the schedule, the Bulls will win one game, but two could be a stretch in 2011.

1) Quinn did not 'chase Maynard' out of town. Maybe he did not fight to keep him but I am pretty sure Zach's mind was made up when the phrases "Haed Coach" and "Danny Barret" did not materialize.

2) We have another QB in camp who will fight for the Job, Chazz Anderson.

If a game is played and there is no one there does it make a sound?

The MAC, as a whole, has some real attendance issues but for some of the less successful teams it's becoming very painful.

MAC Football Attendance, 2007-2010 - Hustle Belt
In 2010 five MAC teams (Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Western Michigan) were below the 15,000 attendee/ticket average "required" to maintain FBS affiliation. In 2009, five MAC teams (Bowling Green, Miami, Northern Illinois, Ball State, EMU) were below that number. In 2008, two MAC teams (Akron, Kent State) were below that number. In 2007, four MAC teams (Kent State, Buffalo, Ball State, Eastern Michigan) were below that number.

Official MAC Media Predictions

Ill have the underground Media predicions out as soon as one or two sites get back to me.

MAC Announces 2011 Football Preseason Poll > MAC > News
The Miami RedHawks and the Toledo Rockets have been selected to win the East and West divisions respectfully in the 2011 Mid-American Conference Football Preseason Poll. The poll was announced at the league’s annual Football Media Day at Ford Field in Detroit and was determined by members of the league’s media contingent. The Rockets also were selected to win the 2011 Marathon MAC Football Championship.