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Time for a second shot at the Ontario Sandwich!

Mmmmmmmm Ontario Sandwich! via <a href=""></a>
Mmmmmmmm Ontario Sandwich! via

Buffalo has no real hated rival in the Mid American Conference. Geographically and culturally we are a bit distinct from the other full members. UB is the only school in an 'East coast state' (not counting part time members) and the only school viewed within its state as a flagship. We are also the newest member of the MAC. Everyone else seems to have some kind of love hate relationship with another institution.

•    Kent has Akron
•    Miami has Ohio (and has flings with Ball State)
•    NIU is trying to get serious with the Cards.
•    Toledo and Bowling Green have a love for the ages
•    Something funny is going on with the Directional Michigan's

So Carter Adler (Eagle Totem) and I have tried to get EMU to stop being 'the third wheel in the Directional Michigan dating scene'. It’s high time for the Eagles to enter into a committed relationship with the Bulls. As Bloggers we kicked off the 'Ontario Sandwich' cup this past football season.

Sadly the Eagles came into our house and hammered us during the football season (score be damned, any time you lose to EMU you got hammered).


Well its time for a bit of payback, this time at their house. If you cut through Canada, and ignore the KPH on the traffic signs, you get to Ypsi after just four hours and two traffic stops.

If you manage to avoid the wrath of the Canadian speed patrol you may even have time to take in the building which epitomizes Ypsilanti, the water tower. Let's just say they don't actually keep this around because they are thirsty.

Last season the Eagles were a bit like this landmark... They were tall, proud and had a surprisingly good 8-8 conference record. They made it past the first round of the MACC and came surprisingly close to taking out Akron in the quarterfinals.

This season has thus far been bitter and there is a bit of... shrinkage. Their only 'good' win of the year was a redemption game against the Zips. They stand at 3-7 and are 11th in the conference. The tower of Ypsi is, it seems, half empty this year.

If the Bulls subdue Eastern Michigan they will finish 5-1 against the MAC West which ties for their best record since 2005 when the swept the lesser MAC hoops camp. It will set Buffalo up at 16-7 (8-3) which is far above what anyone thought they might do this season.

Most of all a win against the Eagles, hopefully a convincing one, will conclude a swing through the West where Buffalo dominated in every game that you would have expected back in mid-January. That's been Buffalo's problem in recent years, they have lost to teams that had no business even being in the game.

That swagger, winning the games that they should win, is going to be critical for the rest of the season. UB has a pretty hard swing against the East in round two including road games at MAC leader Kent, Bowling Green , and Akron.

The games we should win are Miami (Because it's home not because the Red Hawks will roll over), and Ohio who is under-performing so far. We also have our home Bracket-Buster against Milwaukee. If we win the games we should UB is looking at 19 wins. Steal the game from Bowling Green and we are at 20 and will probably secure a first round bye.

20 Wins and some rest going into the MACC gives UB as good a shot at dancing as they have had in years. A win through the quarter finals would almost certainly put the Bulls on some postseason maps even if the season ends there (CBI, CollegeInsider).

So how about it Bulls, let's go get the Ontario Sandwich Trophy!