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SBNation BlogPoll 25: Bull Run Ballot

Two down, and at least one will go next week. Possibly two if Kansas State can recover from the beat down put on by Oklahoma.

Boise falls below OSU because, even though strength of schedule is not something I take too seriously I can not ignore not just who the Cowboys are beating but how they are doing it.

Stanford failed to advance, even with its win, because of how close they played a team that is not ever ranked.

The big gainer this week is Penn State. The more that other Big10 teams beat each other up the less important that opening week loss looks.

It just felt right to move them to the top of the Big10 ranked teams and that drops them into spot number seven, right behind Oregon who continues to climb up.

Houston, as promised, is climbing up. I almost stuck them in front of South Carolina but 14 feels right. Looking at their schedule, and a possible championship game featuring two ranked teams (Houston and SMU) it very likely that they can climb into the top 12 if they run the table.

Conference Breakdown

SEC: 5
Big10: 5
PAC10: 4
Big12: 3
ACC: 2
Big East: 2
MWC: 1
SBC: 1