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Buffalo Loses Alex Neutz to a Broken Wrist

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Alex Neutz, the man with the Magic Hands, was felled by a broken wrist. The wrist  will require surgery and as a result his season is over. The Injury came during the second Quarter of Buffalo's 41-13 loss at the hands of divisional foe Miami.

Before the injury Neutz was the only wholly effective Buffalo had in the contest. Midway through the second quarter Neutz had already racked up more than one hundred yards on four touches. It was hist third one hundred yard game of the season and his second in a row.  His sixty yard touchdown catch on Buffalo's first drive was his fourth of the year.

Neutz, a local product from Grand Island High School had been on pace for more than a thousand yards receiving, a feat not completed by a UB receiver since Naaman Roosevelt piled up more than fourteen hundred in 2008.

Neutz had been expected to return punts but was injured before the Bulls defense was able to force the RedHawks to punt the ball. Instead freshman Devon Hughes took over in a role which was already depleted when Terrell Jackson was injured on a kickoff return at Temple.

The Bulls receiving corps, which was place of depth when the season started is quickly becoming an area where young players, like Hughes, are going to get a shot at development this season. In addition to the existing Injuries the loss eliminates Buffalo from the possibility of Bowl eligibility.