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MAC Power Rankings

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  You could just taste it couldn't you owl fans? No shame in giving PSU all they could handle, keep your place with pride! Right now nobody in the conference is close to the Temple.
1 Right now it's not absurd to see Toledo as the favorite in the west. I know Purdue is bad but still a great game. The opening created by CMU losing talent and NIU getting off to a slow start might just be big enough for the Rockets
-1 Very disappointing to see CMU in a tie mid way through the game only to get let the game slip away in the second half. They get bumped by Toledo even though North Western is better than the Boilermakers.
  Enjoy the week off Kent, you hold your place
1 Finally got that AQ Conference win that's been eluding them, this is the NIU we were all expecting this season! more than 300 yards on the ground, if they had started the season trying to run they might be 4-0.
-1 Michigan went through three quarterbacks and Bowling Green made them all look like Heisman Candidates. 721 total yards given up! That's almost three weeks worth of yards for some teams.
  I have to hand it to the bobcats on the attempted two point conversion, it's a shame when fortune does not favor the bold. Still the performance was a marked up tick for Ohio who might be getting their season back on track before they get too deep into MAC play.
  Enjoy the week off WMU, you hold your place
1 Good job hanging with Uconn well into the 3rd. It's more than I expected of the Bulls. Pretty soon teams are not going to wait until the second half to run the middle on Buffalo, then the season could get really ugly.
-1 Miami, looked like Miami and they started looking like Miami early and they looked like Miami often. You cant give up one point for ever ten yards and expect to win too man more games this year.
  This is no way this game was going down any differently, barring a flu epidemic in Ohio EMU had no chance
  This is no way this game was going down any differently, barring a flu epidemic in Iowa BSU had no chance
  This is probably their 'best loss' of the season. But BSU's one win, and EMU's close calls with Army/Miami keep the zips down.