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UB falters down the stretch to the Jimmer University Cougars

Very impressive performance tonight by your very own Buffalo Bulls. Thank you for coming out, it made it a very fun game to try to rival the local noise of the Jimmer bandwagon. UB Student section got into it early, and brought out every religious Mormon alcohol, tobacco, women, or rules joke we could think of. Some got quite hilarious.

Anyways back to the game:

UB got down 10 early on. Reggie took a much needed time out, and we ended up playing ourselves back into the game. Bryon Mulkey and Jimmer Fedette had a very good rivalry going and you could tell that Byron got into the head BYU's star all game.

When he hit an uncontested three point shot in the 2nd half, the potential first round pick had to look at Mulkey and scream like he just hit a three at the buzzer to win a NCAA Tournament game.

UB Was down two at the end of the first half, after a nice run, and the UB faithful were roaring.

To start the half Mitchell Watt had a deafening dunk, that tied the game.

BYU soared ahead quickly thanks to the double screen woodchuck-er Jimmer offense that BYU ran. They really had no plays other then the Fedette isolation play. UB scratched and clawed to tie the game at times, and keep it close, but his 33 points were just too much.

I am happy that we covered the spread and only lost 90-82. After all we put up 82 on the 16th ranked team in the country.

This is not the NFL and im not an NFL coach so I will comment on how horrible the reffing was. They were in over their head from the beginning, and seemed to give Jimmer James grimace calls. What is this the Miami Heat? I loved the team huddle the refs did with the BYU bench during timeouts, but instead of booze, they were all slugging water.

Proof you ask: As Jimmer was falling to the ground, Back turned to the hoop, with the shot clock expiring, he threw up a behind the back shot that air balled, to only be bailed out by a whistle in which the ref looked to the other ref, and they decided to call it a blocking foul? Garbage, utter rubbish. I then witnessed Reggie run on the court, and hurdle the side advertisements in utter frustration.

BYU is a bad DI school without Jimmer.

K-Mass' Nugget -  Ja'on McCrea crossed over a BYU Guard from the top of the key, took him to the rack, then drew a fould. Very impressive, we have such an athletic forward.

Name of the game: Chris Collinsworth - A plethora of choices to choice from, but this takes the cake.Yes the same name as the NFL broadcaster. Hilarious. "well I'm not really sure about that call, but man Brett Favre is a warrior"

Close second: "Hey Davies, Did you learn how to flop from Cristiano Ronaldo?" (Davies - the BYU center, rolled around on the ground for 5 minutes only to pop up and start running around like he had never ran before)