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Buffalo Bulls Women’s Basketball: Catching up with the rest of the MAC midway through conference play

Most teams have managed to play nine games so far in this year’s edition of the Mid-American Conference and now it’s time to take a look where Buffalo Bulls Women’s Basketball is at in the midway point of the conference schedule. UB currently sits in a pretty solid position despite only being 5-4 in conference play.

Before we talk any further, here’s a refresher of what the MAC looks like:

Mid-American Conference Women’s Basketball Standings

Rank Team MAC Record Overall Record UB's H2H Record RPI
Rank Team MAC Record Overall Record UB's H2H Record RPI
1 Ohio (7-2) (16-4) (0-1) 60
2 Buffalo (5-4) (15-5) 67
3 Kent (5-4) (11-10) 115
4 Akron (2-6) (9-10) 185
5 Miami (1-7) (7-14) (2-0) 210
6 Bowling Green (1-8) (5-16) (1-0) 252
1 Northern Illinois (8-1) (15-5) 84
2 Ball State (7-2) (14-7) (0-1) 138
3 Central Michigan (6-2) (14-6) (1-1) 95
4 Western Michigan (5-4) (14-6) (1-0) 167
5 Toledo (4-4) (13-6) (0-1) 106
6 Eastern Michigan (1-8) (6-15) 262
**RPI as of 28 January

Seeding implications

Sitting at second in the East Division, UB is three games back from the top of the MAC and the good news is that the majority of the challenges the conference schedule had to offer have come and gone.

Meanwhile, Ohio and NIU stand atop of their divisions but still have a brutal schedule to go through and chances are they aren’t going to go unscathed. NIU’s schedule thus far has been mostly against the bottom feeders and the Bobcats still have two matchups left Central Michigan and a road trip to Ball State.

If the MAC tournament started today, UB would be on the outside looking in as the #6 seed—starting off with a home playoff game in Alumni. The conference is a log jam in the top half so chances are it’s going to stay that way. So for your future reference, here’s the tie-breaking rules for the tourney.

What’s in store for the Bulls?

Like I said, UB has a VERY favorable schedule to finish off their regular season slate. Starting the majority of the schedule on the road, there’s going to be a nice five in six games stretch in Alumni. The best part? UB could win all six of them.

I’m going to be realistic and as of right now, I’d say Buffalo goes 7-2 in this final stretch:

Loss at Toledo

Win vs. Kent

Win vs. NIU

Win at EMU

Win vs. Akron

Win vs. Ohio

Win vs. Bowling Green

Win at Akron

Loss at Kent

Who do I root for?

Alright, the first two are obvious: Miami and Bowling Green. In a perfect world, the MAC dumpster fires cause as much chaos as possible in the coming weeks and turn the top-half logjam into UB’s favor. The Bulls are a perfect (3-0) against those two teams so there isn’t much to worry about if they get hot.

Next, we’re done with CMU and WMU, so we don’t care about them. We want those two to ruin Northern Illinois and Ball State’s lives. CMU and WMU are both very capable teams this year and the more losses that Ball State takes, the better for UB.

Anyway, be happy Bulls fans, this isn’t the worst position to be in.