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Bulls race at MAC Cross Country Championships

UB Athletics

Looking to build on their third- and seventh-place finishes in 2014, UB's Cross Country teams began the postseason today in Canton, Ohio at the 2015 MAC Championships. Cameron Bruce led the men with an 11th-place individual finish, while the women's race will start at noon. Check back for updates.


As I'm forced to leave the computer, the men's results are unofficial, but Eastern Michigan paced the pack as expected.

We knew that UB had been dinged up by injury, but with neither Jack Jibb nor Andrew Berge in the scoring five (I'm not even sure Berge made the trip), the Bulls struggled. Freshman Adam Hunt did well to run in a tight group with Tyler Scheving, Justin Van Epps, and Derek Palafox,

11 Cameron Bruce 25:01
30 Adam Hunt 25:46
32 Tyler Scheving 25:50
39 Justin Van Epps 25:58
43 Derek Palafox 26:04
(52) Jack Jibb 26:23

As I write this, official results are unavailable other than that Eastern Michigan dominated the race. Based on the names flowing in on the (now-deleted) unoffical live results, I'd guess Akron and Ohio both also finished in front of the Bulls, and it was close with Bowling Green. I can't help but think that with a healthy Jibb and Berge UB's got three runners up in the top 15 range and five scorers in by the top 32.

Update (12:07 PM):

Official Team Standings

Final Team Standings Score
1 Eastern Michigan 26
2 Akron 70
3 Miami (OH) 88
4 CMU 100
5 Ohio 128
6 Buffalo 150
7 Bowling Green 189
8 Kent State 202
9 Toledo 227

UB has officially finished in the sixth spot as a team, edging out Bowling Green for the spot.

Official Results for UB Runners

Finishing Position Name Time Score
11 Cameron Bruce 25:01.51 11
30 Adam Hunt 25:46.52 29
32 Tyler Scheving 25:50.76 31
39 Justin VanEpps 25:58.70 38
43 Derek Palafox 26:04.69 41
52 Jack Jibb 26:23.00 ----------
62 Austin Coneys 26:40.47 ----------

Cameron Bruce had a good day and led the Men's team. UB would've finished higher but an injured Jack Jibb limited how many points were able to get on the board. UB's average time was a 25:45 and their spread was a time of 1:03.2.


Official Team Standings

Final Team Standings Score
1 Eastern Michigan 55
2 Bowling Green 72
3 CMU 73
4 WMU 118
5 Buffalo 134
6 Miami (OH) 143
7 Northern Illinois 147
8 Ohio 177
9 Toledo 220
10 Kent State 271
11 Akron 316
12 Ball State 363

The women's team fared a little better than the men's team. The 5th spot was up for grabs for a large amount of the race. Eastern Michigan swept this year's XC Championships.

Official Results for UB Runners

Finishing Position Name Time Score
13 Amy Shaw 21:37.21 13
19 Corinne Birchard 21:57.65 19
27 Morgan Mahoney 22:08.06 27
35 Chardae Henry 22:17.66 34
42 Melinda Wheeler 22:30.48 41
46 Meagan Hopkins 22:36.56 ----------
55 Brittany Fuller 22:55.08 ----------

Amy Shaw led the Bulls, followed by Corinne Birchard. UB's average time was 22:07 and their spread was better than the men at 53.3 seconds.


The Bulls are in action two weeks from now at the Northeast Regionals in Boston, MA.