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Tennis teams shine in Buffalo, Binghamton, Princeton


Nevermind all of UB’s other Olympic Sports this weekend, because Women’s Tennis has got you covered with a dominating performance at their own invitational.

The Bulls claimed championships in all four singles flights, runner-up finishes in three, and won one of two doubles flights, with runners-up in the other.

We can get something of a picture of the lineup from the flights, and at the top little is unchanged from the spring, or from last fall. Tanja Stojanovska and Chantal Martinez-Blanco both roared to the Flight A final, where the sophomore topped Stojanovska, 6-2, 6-2.

In Flight B, Mercedes Losada Rubio advanced to the final and topped WSU’s Vanessa Madrigal 1-6, 6-2, 6-3 to win the championship, while Margarita Kotok rebounded from an opening-round loss to Madrigal to take fifth.

Emel Abibula surprised me by topping Sanjana Sudhir to win Flight C, and transfer Haley Hollins fell to Laura Holterbosch in Flight D. All told, UB was 21-5, with only two losses coming to non-UB competition, including Anna Savchenko’s withdrawal.

In doubles, Kotok and Stojanovksa claimed Flight A, while Losada Rubio and Martinez Blanco advanced to the Flight B final. Holterbosch/Abibula went 0-2 in Flight A, and Hollins/Sudhir 1-1 in B.

The Men split their squad between the Binghamton Invitational and Princeton Ivy+ this weekend, and info is a little tougher to pick out.

In Binghamton, Hao Sheng Koay and Ville Fridell advanced to their respective semifinals Friday, while Ethan Nittolo and Dino Tsakris were 1-1. Nittolo paired up with Sheng Koay to win a doubles match, while Fridell and Tsakris fell.

After Friday, things get muddier, but we know at least that Hao and Ville advanced to their respective finals this morning, winning both.

Only Filip Grbik and Petr Vodak made the trip to Princeton, where Grbik went 1-1 in singles, the pair 1-1 in doubles, and Vodak 0-2 in singles.