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Buffalo Bulls Quarterback Joe Licata scouted against Andrew Hendrix

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In this weeks installment we scout Joe Licata versus Andrew Hendrix. Hendrix a 5th year transfer quarterback from Notre Dame is leading the charge for the Red Hawks. Both quarterbacks will be looking to make a statement, as they start conference play.

Hendrix and his Miami Red Hawks, are winless coming into conference play, and need a win to bring energy back into the program.  Playing the Bulls may just be what the Hawks need. Hendrix when not pressured can complete quality balls up to 20 yards down the field.  He becomes inaccurate when throwing down field, but that may be a necessity this game, as the Bulls corners are not very good, and tend to give up big plays.

If the Bulls are able to get pressure on Hendrix, then the Hawks offense will have a long day.  He is not accustomed to throwing under pressure, and sometimes will just throw the ball into coverage.  Look for the hawks to try some quick screen plays early, and establish the running game.  If they are able to run the ball, the play action passes could be very helpful.

Last year Licata and the Bulls demolished the Hawks 44-7 on their home turf.  Will the Hawks have revenge on their minds, and will they have enough talent to even pull off the upset.  Licata will need to continue to spread the ball to his receivers, to make them better football players.  I would like for the Bulls coaching staff to try and execute on deep pass plays, and passes deeper down the middle to the tight end more often.

This could be a big game for Licata, as he is going up against a team that has similar talent on both sides. I would like for him to make a statement that he is the best QB in the MAC.