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Buffalo Bulls Record Book Watch- Post Army

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not I do a lot of work in the offseason. For a few years I have been working on compiling UB stats from many sources. Sources include the department, NCAA Archives, some college football websites, and even old Buffalo news papers. Currently the records go from 1954-1970 and 1977-2016.

Most of the stuff I have from the 40’s and 50’s is only for the top two performers on that team. If you have any complete documentation from the 40’s through 1962, or older documentation please pass them along.

Also the documentation from the 80’s is sketchy, as is 1997.


Tyree Jackson...

Statistically this was not an amazing game for Jackson. It was solid but the numbers don’t catch just how great he played.

Still, with the win Jackson is up to 433 yards passing and has moved into 33rd place all time in the unsanctioned Bull Run Record Book.

He passed Stewart Sampsel, Paul DiMiero, Rick Wells, James Allegretto, Charles Daniels , William Crowley, Tony Policare, and Chris Moore.

Next up is Erik Rusin (1999) with 499 yards passing.

How is this season shaping up compared to past seasons?

Season Set by Record Season 2016 Current Pace Place Pred
Yards Drew Willy 3,304 2008 Tyree Jackson 433 1732 59th 24th
Completions Drew Willy 304 2008 Tyree Jackson 41 164 54th* 15th
Attempts Drew Willy 468 2008 Tyree Jackson 78 312 40th 14th
Touchdowns Joe Licata 29 2014 Tyree Jackson 3 12 53rd^ 15th

* Currently tied with Gordon Bukaty (60)

^ Currently tied with John Stofa (63)


Jordan Johnson’s game against Army added 17 yards to his career total so he still sits at 12th, only 12 yards behind Dave Dawson.

Johnathan Hawkins 37 yards moved the Sophomore into 92nd all time. He passed Tom MacDougall (c/o 1960), Willie Ford (c/o 1994), Robert Baker (c/o 1961), Mike Giammusso (c/o 1987), Randall Secky (c/o 2004). He is also three yards, and one spot ahead of Tyree Jackson who’s 34 yards moved him past the same group.

Season Set by Record Year 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Yards Branden Oliver 1,535 2013 Jordan Johnson 218 872 75th 13th
Attempts Branden Oliver 310 2013 Jordan Johnson 50 200 160th 13th
Touchdowns Lee Jones / James Starks 16 1966/2008 Jordan Johnson 1 4 125th 49th
Career Set by Record 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Yards Branden Oliver 4049 Jordan Johnson 1,390 2,044 12th 7th
Attempts Branden Oliver 866 Jordan Johnson 296 446 16th 6th
Touchdowns James Starks 34 Jordan Johnson 14 17 12th 9th


Mason Schreck had the big week receiving by receptions, and he still leads the team in receptions and yards. At his current pace, Schreck will finish his career tied in receptions with Matt Weiser.

Against Army, in terms of yards, the senior moved ahead of Pat Whitehead, Kevin Pratt, Ed Young, Bryant Traylor, Anthony Scott, Edmond Gicewicz, and Devin Campbell in the Bull Run record book.

Season Set by Record Game 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Receptions Naaman Roosevelt 104 2008 Mason Schreck 11 44 172 39
Yards Naaman Roosevelt 1,402 2008 Mason Schreck 147 588 154 41
Touchdowns Naaman Roosevelt 13 2008 Mason Schreck 1 4 108 35
Season Set by Record 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Receptions Naaman Roosevelt 104 Mason Schreck 59 92 32 19*
Yards Naaman Roosevelt 1,402 Mason Schreck 609 1050 36 21
Touchdowns Naaman Roosevelt 13 Mason Schreck 3 6 41 29

Marcus McGill’s game leading 63 yards receiving moved him into 22nd all time for UB. He moved past Chad Upshaw and Devon Hughes and is currently 155 yards outside of the top 20.