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Occupy Bulls and Beers: True Blue Edition

Welp, it's been a rough week for those at Bull Run. Tim's having car troubles, Matt's not feeling well, and John's work schedule is a little brutal at the moment. This week, you won't be seeing any of those guys and instead we have a treat for all of you. Bull Run is being taken over by UB True Blue — Buffalo's official student section for all home sporting events — and we're going to have a different kind of show.

We'll be talking about Football, but expect the conversation to veer away from that to other athletics related things. Also, while we have the guys on board, you'll have a chance to ask TB about the inner workings or things you're curious about or would suggest for us to improve on. Just ask questions in the comment below, tweet to @UBBullRun, or use the hashtag #AskTrueBlue

The show starts at 10PM EDT. Enjoy!