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Buffalo Bulls Football: Defensive brawl simulated 100 times

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough season but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. So let’s have some fun seeing what a computer thinks of Buffalo’s matchup this week. That’s right! The 100 Simulations posts and all of their sarcastic undertones are back as a celebration of MACtion (did you know it speaks louder than words?).

So let’s get right to the thick of things:

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You couldn’t ask for a tighter matchup this week. The simulation gods couldn’t decide on who’s the favorite for this game as both Buffalo and Kent State won 50 of the simulated matchups. Defense is the most prevalent trait in this week’s edition of football as 30% of the games were decided by less than 5 points. That’s a high number and will keep a lot of Bulls fans on edge for homecoming weekend. The good news? Well, Buffalo has a much better chance than Kent to rout their opponent.

Player Stat Highlights

1. Kent’s passing game is weak

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Above is what you’re typically going to get from Kent’s QB. Rarely does he pick up a touchdown and almost every game saw him throw one or two interceptions. A lot of opportunities are on the table for a UB defense that’s been doing well with the turnover margin as of late.

2. Kent’s (very insignificant) offense is produced through the run game

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Kent likes to run the ball and it’s pretty much the only part of their team that isn’t completely dysfunctional. UB is in good position when the combined yardage of their QB and lead back is at about 100 yards.

3. This is how Tyree’s day will go

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Tyree isn’t going to have a mind blowing game this week. Typically, he had 150 yards as opposed to the 200 above but the one touchdown and one interception is pretty much a given. Look for the rushing game to be a bigger factor for this week (or else we will face utter doom).

Keys for a Buffalo Bills Bulls win

1. A strong rushing game is UB’s only hope

All of Buffalo’s blowouts were because Jordan Johnson had a wonderful night rushing for totals near 150 yards. JUST RUN THE FOOTBALL AND WE’LL BE FINE (or we’ll spontaneously combust. To be honest anything could happen because MACtion).

2. Stop Kent’s running attack

Forcing the Golden Flashes to pass the football is what UB wants because they are awful at it. If UB’s defense has no problem clamping down on the rush, a win is in sight.

3. Make your field goals

Adam Mitcheson is an unsung hero in a lot of these situations because his field goal kicking often time put UB just over the top. When 30% of the games are decided by five or fewer points, you better hope that Mitcheson is on his game.

Farce(s) of the Simulation

It’s the first week so I’ll give you two:

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Mark my words, I will be crying as bad as a child who had their nose stolen if either of these results happen.

Projections of Future Opponents

Central Michigan 42 - Ball State 12

Western Michigan 24 - Northern Illinois 22

Akron 37 - (Fake) Miami 18

Ohio 21 - Bowling Green 24