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Simulating the Buffalo Bulls and UMass Minutemen Football Matchup

Goodbye UMass, we never loved you.

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Well, it's the the third week that the Buffalo Bulls are on the cusp of being bowl eligible. It also turns out that it's the final week that we can become bowl eligible. UB definitely needs to be 6-6 and we'll be in a bowl despite the fact that a few 5-7 teams will slip in there. Unfortunately, we don't have an amazing Academic Progress Rate for us to be able to say that we'll get one of the 5-7 spots. This week's opponent is UMass and they shouldn't be taken lightly considering how inconsistent our team is. They did give Toledo a challenge for a bit. This is their final game as a MAC affiliate member, so hopefully we give them a swift kick in the gut before they leave.

So here's the general sim results:

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I didn't feel like doing the same thing as usual this week so I decided to simulate this game 101 times. Don't sue me. UB holds a very large advantage according to this sim and very rarely did UMass blow us out. It was getting really fun to watch as a Buffalo fan considering UMass was a favorite for the MAC East earlier this year.

Player Stat Highlights

1. The Big Three produces big time

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Very rarely did somebody besides Matt Weiser become top receiver in this one. He is set to have a career day and show the Mackey Award committee that he was snubbed. Big days were common for these guys and hopefully we'll see this on Friday.

2. DirecTV Joe Returns

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I saw a lot of 3 and 4 touchdown days from Licata, something that hasn't happened that often. The interception total was usually one or two along with that. Unlike above, he typically completed around 70% on his passes. If we get a solid performance like this from Licata, I'll be very happy.

3. Frohnapfel looks like Cable Licata

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These numbers look a lot like Joe's this season. Maybe Licata sees this as a wake up call and it's why he performs so well in this one. If it happens, thank you Blake Frohnapfel. Thank you for the bowl.

Keys For a Black Friday Bulls Win

I have two simple keys for the Bulls this time around.

1. Don't collapse if you go down early

Akron and NIU reeked with a feeling that it was going to be Central Michigan all over again. Don't panic if you're down 2 scores after a quarter. Just keep doing what you need to do and make adjustments BEFORE halftime.

2. Play your hardest, Seniors

This may very well be your final College Football game of your career, unless you're Matt Weiser (knock on wood). Leave everything you can out on that field. Don't end up with regret from not doing everything to the best of your ability in this one.

Farce of the Simulation

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I wouldn't be one to complain if this happened. I just don't see it happening.