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Buffalo Bulls Football Bowl Projections after nine weeks

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but the Bulls are 4-4 with four to play, three against teams at the bottom of the conference, and thanks to the explosion of bowl games, it's increasingly looking like multiple 5-7 teams will make it to the postseason this year.

We've got plenty of other places where we talk UB on the field, their schedule, and how things are shaping up. Here, this is a look at where the Bulls fall in bowl projections around the internet. Most right now see UB as a fill-in for the Big Ten, who will likely fall far short of their total allotments.

ESPN (McMurphy): Quick Lane vs Virginia Tech, 28 December
ESPN (Schlabach): Quick Lane vs Virginia Tech, 28 December

CBS Sports: Cactus vs Arizona, 2 January

SBNation: St. Petersburg vs Southern Miss, 26 December

Orlando Sentinel: None

The Sporting News: Boca Raton vs Tulsa, 22 December

College Football News: Pinstripe vs Pitt, 26 December

Athlon Sports and USA Today publish theirs on Wednesdays, Phil Steele on Tuesdays, so I imagine we'll see something from them this week, if not next should the Bulls beat Kent State.