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Miami RedHawks vs Buffalo Bulls football recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of UB's 29-24 win

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A few hours after the final whistle, it's still hard to come to a single conclusion on UB's 29-24 win, but the Bulls are 4-4 and in good shape for bowl eligibility with four games to play. For a more complete, if unpolished, collection of thoughts on the game, reread the game thread. For a better feel for just the essentials, click through on the sidebar to the instant recap from last night.

The Good

The defense as a whole. Did they meet the benchmark they've put up on other games? No. Did they keep us worry-free? No. But they did enough to get the win, as they've done in all but one game this year. Our collective frustration late certainly wasn't because Miami scored all of seven points in the second half. In the game thread and on Twitter I expressed some discontent with the realty of bend but don't break, but it worked well. Miami reached the UB 40 four times in the second half and scored just 7 points.

Jordan Johnson. Lance Leipold was asked this week how confident he was in Johnsoni as the starter. Aside from being annoying "gotcha" question, it was silly given the junior's body of work dating back even before Leipold. Johnson has a strong night, rushing for 123 years and a pair of touchdowns

The win. UB is 4-4. Their remaining four opponents are 12-18.

Joe Licata's stat line. Nearly 300 yards in three quarters, a pair of touchdowns, 75.8% passing, and a win. I'll take it, even with the pick six.

The Bad

The intangibles. UB failed to put Miami away with too many opportunities. On the road against an overmatched opponent, the last thing we wanted to see was the home team gain some confidence, and the Bulls just could never string together strong defense and offense at the same time to bury their opponents.

Kick blocking. Buffal has benefited the last two weeks from opponents' aggressiveness, but Ohio and Miami have gone for broke precisely because UB's blocking continues to be a problem. It hurt Miami more than it helped today, but it may not always.

Playing a football game on five days rest. I just don't like it. I wasn't sure how much stock to put into the short turnaround, but by the fourth quarter, you could see it.

The Ugly

Miami's DBs. The RedHawks should have had at least three interceptions, if not more. And that's just on passes that hit them in the hands.

The pass interference call on Boise. I don't think the contact goes beyond incidental if the Miami receiver doesn't hook #1 and pull him back.

Offense in the fourth quarter. This is really the big one. 12 plays on four drives, no first downs, three punts, and field goal attempt that was blocked. It was good enough to hold the lead until the clock hit 0:00, but otherwise? I don't really want to relive it.