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Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball Preview: Senior forward Raheem Johnson

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After the fast start to the countdown, it's going to slow down for a bit. After Raheem Johnson today, next up is Christian Pino a week from now.

The Basics

Number: 31
Year: Senior
Position: Forward
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height and Weight: 6-10, 235

New Guy?


UB Career

Part of the original #NateOatsPipeline, Johnson saw steady minutes as a bench player in 2014-15, averaging a handful of points and rebounds in 12 minutes a game. Those numbers weren't wildly off from his JUCO production in many more minutes, but Johnson was UB's best shot blocker, averaging 1.1 a night and leading the team on the season with 37. He also unfortunately racked up more than two fouls a game in those 12 minutes, never playing more than 20 in a game.

Further Reading and Viewing:

2014-15 Preview: The Juniors

This video cuts off before Doug Gottlieb notes that Johnson should have been T'd up for slapping the backboard. Kind of fitting.

2015-16 Outlook

I can pretty much lift parts of the same paragraph from last year:

It all depends on how Johnson fits into the lineup. If he can play an effective MAC center, he'll get more time, especially when Oats wants to go big. On the other hand, if Johnson is another forward in UB's rotation, he may not stand out too much.

Unless Ikenna Smart, David Kadiri, or Nick Perkins are better or even better than advertised, Johnson is a likely opening day starter for the Bulls and Buffalo will need him to contribute at least 20 minutes a night. Plenty athletic and with the size to match up with anyone in the MAC, he hasn't shown yet that he can play clean enough to stay on the floor that long.

Plus, he needs to stop hitting people in the balls.